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    We meet every month on the second Saturday from 9:00am-11:00am.

    This Saturday, July 10th, we’re meeting at a private home for a more intimate setting as we hear from new Colorado GOP Chair, Kristi Burton Brown.

    You’ll hear her speak about current Colorado issues, like redistricting, and her plan to transform Colorado from blue to red.
    She’ll also answer your questions.

    You don’t want to miss out on this important meet-and-greet!
    See you there!

    The meeting address is 11611 Shoshone Way in Westminster.

    Admission is $3 per person.

    See the map below for a visual view of the meeting location.

    Park on the street and then please proceed to the north side of the house.

    This leads to the back deck where we’ll have plenty of chairs and bottled water.


    Kristi Burton Brown
    State Party Chairwoman
    Email: kristi@cologop.org

    Kristi Burton Brown is the Chair of the Colorado Republican Party, a constitutional attorney, and a policy analyst. She helped to negotiate Sen. Tim Neville’s Free Speech on Campus bill and has testified for legislation in multiple states on behalf of the Charlotte Lozier Institute, the research and education arm of the Susan B. Anthony List. She is the author of “Do Justice: Practical Ways to Engage Our World,” and a wife and mother of two kids. Read more …

  • June 12th is the second Saturday of the month and that means it’s time to gather with your friends at The Forum!

    The Colorado Legislature ended the 2021 session Wednesday and they passed over 600 bills.

    Most of them were to reduce your freedoms and increase your taxes (and fees).

    Our speaker is Sue Moore from the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado (https://rlcco.org/)

    They rate every bill and legislator with the following criteria:

    “The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado produces an annual Liberty Scorecard. It is a measure of how our state lawmakers vote according to Constitutional Principles: Individual Rights, Free Markets and Limited Government.”

    The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado website says they’re “The Conscience of the Colorado GOP.”

    We meet at 1305 West 121st Avenue, in Westminster from 9:00am-11:00am this Saturday, June 12th.  Admission is $3 per person. See the map further below.

    The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado is a political action organization dedicated to promoting the ideals of individual rights, limited government and free markets by:

    • Working within the State Republican Party and with other conservative organizations to identify, recruit and support candidates for state and local government who hold to our principles.
    • Monitoring legislative activity to hold elected Republicans accountable to the principles on which they campaigned.
    • Encouraging our members to participate in the Republican party organization and promote membership in RLCCO among party leadership.

  • Do you have plans for this Saturday, the day before Mother’s Day?

    Kick your Saturday morning off by joining us at The Forum’s May 8th meeting from 9am-11am MT.

    Bring along a friend or two to hear from two very interesting people as admission is only $3 per person or 2 people for $5.

    Social distancing and masks are required per the Tri-County Health Department.


    Luke Ragland, along with Jayne Schindler, will be speaking and taking your questions.

    Their biographies are listed below.


    Luke will be discussing education and school choice issues in Colorado while Jayne will talk about Theodor Geisel and cancel culture.


    Theodor Geisel?

    Who’s that?

    You might know him by his pen name, Dr. Seuss.

    In elementary school, most youngsters read his books.

    But that may be changing.


    We meet at 1305 West 121st Avenue in Westminster.  We’re unable to serve a continental breakfast due to COVID restrictions.
















    Luke is the President of Ready Education Network. Prior to joining Ready Colorado and launching Ready Education Network, he served as Vice President of Policy at Colorado Succeeds, a coalition of business leaders focused on improving the state’s education system. Luke led the organization’s legislative, judicial, and policy strategies. He played a key role in developing and passing policies that increased school choice, protected taxpayer accountability, and defended tenure reforms.

    Previously, Luke practiced complex commercial litigation at a law firm in Denver. He also spent time working in the White House, where he authored political briefs for President Bush and other cabinet-level officials. Luke coordinated political and official events for the President to help elect Republican candidates across the country.

    Luke is a fourth-generation Coloradan who grew up working for his family’s logging company in rural southwestern Colorado. He currently lives in Denver with his wife and daughter.



    Jayne is President and Director of Colorado’s chapter of Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum since 1973

    GOP activist for 50 years in local, county, state, and national politics, serving in numerous positions with Adams County Republican Party

    Editor and researcher for The Forum Newspaper, originating in Colorado with a nationwide circulation for 25 years, with in-depth research and reports on children’s authors, where they came from and why they were sought out for children’s books after becoming established for their adult works.  The two most prominent being Theodore Seuss and Shel Silverstein.

    Served on Adams County school textbook committees, evaluating books recommended by National Library Association


  • Join “The Forum” this Saturday morning, March 20th from 9:00am-11:00am.

    We’re starting off our first meeting of 2021 (after we had to postpone it from last weekend due to the blizzard) with an exciting program discussing local, state, and federal issues.  And since Saturday is March 20th, we hope you’ll celebrate “Colorado Meat Producers Appreciation Day.”  See the article further below on where events are on this busy Saturday.

    We’re working on rescheduling Sue Moore of The Liberty Scorecard to discuss the how, why, and the results of Colorado legislators voting on bills affecting your liberty.

    We welcome your questions, comments, suggestions, and ideas to The Forum this Saturday.

    And, admission is only a remarkable $1 per person!

    Bring along a friend or two (or more!) at that price!

    You won’t find a better bargain in the north suburbs.

    Social distancing rules will apply along with masks so we’re in compliance with the Tri-County Health Department.

    See you this Saturday morning at The Forum, 1305 West 121st Avenue in Westminster.  It’s located at the northwest corner of Mariposa & 121st.

    Governor Polis’ meat-less proclamation prompts meat-full celebrations statewide

    March 17, 2021 By Sherrie Peif

    Over the last three weeks, nearly 9,000 frustrated Coloradans of all political stripes have taken to social media to express their thoughts over a proclamation by Gov. Jared Polis declaring March 20 as “MeatOut” day. Read more …

  • POSTPONED until later due to weather conditions.

    The second Saturday of the month is almost here!

    Join “The Forum” this Saturday morning, March 13th from 9:00am-11:00am.

    Keep an eye on the weather as it could impact the meeting.  If anything changes, we’ll send an email out to you.

    We’re starting off our first meeting of 2021 with an exciting program.

    Sue Moore, of The Liberty Scorecard (https://libertyscorecard.rlcco.org/#/) will explain how her group tracks the bills introduced in the Colorado Legislature and gives them a score.  Then they rank all 100 members on their voting record, based on individual rights, free markets, and limited government.

    • How did your State Senator and Representative score?
    • Is that a good score?
    • Why or why not?
    • Is their methodology fair?
    • What bills should you keep an eye on?

    Bring your questions, comments, suggestions, and ideas to The Forum this Saturday.  And, admission is only a remarkable $1 per person!

    Bring a friend or two (or more!) at that price!

    You won’t find a better bargain in the north suburbs.

    Social distancing rules will apply along with masks so we’re in compliance with the Tri-County Health Department.

    See you this Saturday morning at The Forum, 1305 West 121st Avenue in Westminster.  It’s located at the northwest corner of Mariposa & 121st.

  • The new NSRF is back!!!!

    Well, we were planning to, but the Tri-County Health Department (http://www.tchd.org/), whose mantra is “Bigger government control over your life is our goal,” using their 1984 playbook has decreed that our meeting is “null and void.” So, until we figure out a way to beat the system, probably with online video meetings, you have our permission to sleep in, or go protest, or sign a recall petition, or do something to irritate the party who values control over everything else. Stay tuned….

    The first 2021 meeting of “the New Forum” is scheduled for this upcoming Saturday morning, February 13, from 9:00am-11:00am.

    We have a NEW LOCATION!

    The meeting will be held at the Americans for Prosperity Office, 1305 West 121st Avenue , in Westminster.  It’s located at the northwest corner of Mariposa & 121st.  See the maps below.

    Join us to share your thoughts on: Read more …

  • There are eleven issues on Colorado’s November 3rd ballot.

    • What are they and why are they on the ballot?
    • What are they trying to accomplish?
    • What are the pros and cons of voting yes?
    • What are the pros and cons of voting no?
    • What groups are for, and against, them?
    • What are the short and long-term implications of each if it passes?

    Michael Fields, executive director of Colorado Rising State Action, will explain and answer your questions on the eleven ballot questions.  Read your Colorado Blue Book beforehand and bring it with you, along with your questions and a friend or two.

    Join us on Saturday, October 10th from 9:00am-11:00am inside of the Amazing Grace Community Church, 541 E 99t Place in Thornton.  Admission is $3 per person.  Social distancing rules will apply, per the Governor’s Executive Order, along with wearing masks.

    Colorado Rising State Action is a 501(c)(4) organization focused on advancing conservative principles in Colorado and holding liberals accountable through cutting-edge research, rapid-response communications, a statewide tracking network, and digital platforms.

    Colorado Rising State Action was established to bring together an aggressive, sustained, professional research and communications operation to help conservatives better understand the issues and win important policy fights in Colorado.

    Michael Fields

    Michael Fields

    Executive Director

    Michael was previously the Senior Director of Issue Education for Americans For Prosperity (AFP), and State Director of AFP Colorado. He brings years of educational, legislative, grassroots organizing, and nonprofit experience. He has also served as a policy aide at the Colorado State House, press aide for the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions, and taught both elementary and middle school in Aurora. Michael graduated from Valparaiso University and earned his J.D. from University of Colorado – Boulder. He and his wife, Mele, and their three children live in Parker.


  • Join the NSRF this Saturday morning from 9:00am-11:00am at Amazing Grace Community Church (541 E 99th Place in Thornton) to hear highly sought after author and speaker Loren Spivack.

    Admission is $3 per person, bring a jacket since we’re meeting outside the church (due to the Governor’s executive orders about groups meeting in churches), bring a chair, and a friend or two to hear our engaging speaker.

    Loren will be giving his presentation called ‘Why We Fight, And How We Win In November’, to groups throughout Colorado during the months of September and October. His presentation chronicles just how unprincipled the Left has become and fires up the base just in time for November.

    Please check out Loren’s website www.fmwarrior.com to see samples of his speaking, learn more about his books, and see some of the other great groups that he’ll be speaking with on his upcoming trip out west.

    Loren brings his books (listed below) along in case anyone is interested in purchasing one after his presentation.

    Loren Spivack, “The Free Market Warrior,” was born and raised in Massachusetts and spent most of his adult life in New York City. Before becoming active in politics, Spivack worked for several non-profits and as a management consultant for both profit and non-profit companies.Spivack founded “Free Market Warrior” in 2009 in an effort to make a positive difference in American politics and economics.
    His “Free Market Warrior” store was expelled from Concord Mills Mall in North Carolina in July of 2009 for selling material critical of the Obama Administration.  (Mall owners, Simon Property Group, are major Democratic donors.) Since then Loren has devoted his time to teaching conservative groups about free market economics. He conducts “Economic Literacy” seminars across the United States. So far, Spivack has delivered his famous seminar on “Economic Literacy” to over 200 groups in 20 states.

    Spivack is also the author of “The New Democrat,” a parody history of the Obama administration, based on a famous children’s book.  With pitch-perfect rhyme and clever illustrations, “The New Democrat” transforms the political personalities of our times into cartoon characters in a conservative morality play.


  • By Jackie Mitchell

    In November, Coloradans will vote on whether or not to require statewide voter approval of new state enterprises if the enterprise’s projected or actual revenue from fees and surcharges is greater than $100 million within its first five years.

    To qualify for the ballot, proponents needed to submit 124,632 valid signatures. Of the 196,090 signatures submitted by proponents on July 31, 2020, 138,852 were projected to be valid based on a random sample.

    Enterprises were established through the Colorado Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) amendment of 1992. Enterprises are government-owned businesses that provide goods or services for a fee or surcharge that is paid for by the individuals or entities that are purchasing the goods or services. Examples of enterprises include the state lottery, state nursing homes, correctional industries, parks and wildlife, public colleges and universities, and the state unemployment insurance program. This is in contrast to government agencies or programs that provide goods or services that are paid for by tax revenue. Enterprises may receive a maximum of 10% of their annual revenue from state and local government sources but are otherwise financially independent from the state government and any local governments. Enterprise revenue does not count toward the TABOR limit. TABOR limits the amount of money the state of Colorado can take in and spend. It limits the annual increase for some state revenue to inflation plus the percentage change in state population. Any money collected above this limit is refunded to taxpayers unless the voters allow the state to spend it.

    In the fiscal year 1993-94, the first year TABOR was in effect, enterprise revenue was $724.3 million. In 2017-18, state enterprises received $17.9 billion in revenue. In total, from 1993 to 2018, Colorado enterprises have received $150.17 billion in revenue.

    To continue reading this story, please click (HERE):

US National Debt Clock

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