Kelly Sloan
Kelly Sloan

With all of the terrible policy being drummed up in Washington, D.C. — from the 13-digit spending designed to make FDR look restrained, to investment-crushing capital gains tax increases, to a foreign policy that must be keeping Ukrainians, Taiwanese, and free Afghanis up at night — one would think that the Republicans in Washington would be making hay out of all of this, carefully deconstructing each economic aberration, and tilling the ground for a fertile 2022 midterm election.

But, no, they are, per usual, fighting amongst themselves, engaging in a pointless internecine war.

The current donnybrook centers around Rep. Liz Cheney of neighbor Wyoming, one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump the second time around, who continues to call things as they are, at Mr. Trump’s expense, and who also happens to be — tenuously — number three in the House Minority leadership pyramid.

This is not sitting well with some, and certainly not with Mr. Trump, who still manages to command a loyal, almost Kim Il Sung-like, devotion among his staunchest followers. Trump has clearly reveled in the Wyoming congresswoman’s latest travails as the push to drive her from her leadership role, issuing statements referring to her invariably as a “warmonger” for her unapologetically interventionist neo-conservative foreign policy outlook, which mirrors her father’s. Trump, of course, keeps stoking the fires of controversy with statements like that which he released Monday saying “The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 202 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!”

This in turn spurred Cheney, who has steadfastly refused to buy into any of the conspiracy-twinged yarns spun by Trump about the election, to respond: “The 2020 Presidential election was not stolen. Anyone who claims it was is spreading THE BIG LIE, turning their back on rule of law, and poisoning our democratic system.”

She is, of course, right. Though that may not make much difference.

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