• Triple Play? Trio of Democrat legislative candidates caught in campaign finance legal violations

    As of today, official complaints have been filed against three current Colorado legislative candidates for breaking the law.

    Westminster Mayor Pro-Tem Faith Winter (candidate for House District 35), Former State Representative Judy Solano (candidate for Senate District 24), and State Senator Rachel Zenzinger (running for re-election in Senate District 19) all accepted contributions from registered Lobbyists during the legislative session (a big no-no, intended to guard against corruption) and for other violations of campaign finance law. (Of Note: State Senator Rachel Zenzinger is the hand-picked successor for Evie Hudak, who resigned in the face of a looming Recall election in the aftermath of the successful Colorado Recalls which removed 2 other state senators from office in September 2013. See: Court Battles Key in Colorado Recall Election Victories)

    “Our elected officials need to be held to a higher standard. It’s understandable that someone unfamiliar with Colorado’s complex campaign finance rules and regulations might make a mistake, but for sitting and former legislators to violate the law, when they should know better, is simply inexcusable; they must be held accountable,” said Matt Arnold, Director of Campaign Integrity Watchdog.

    Campaign Integrity Watchdog is a non-partisan organization, who has taken both sitting legislators and candidates to task on both sides of the aisle, recently winning a nearly $10,000 judgment against an organization formed by Republican State Representative Bob Gardner, who also defended (and lost) the case in court.
    (See: The Lawmaker is a Lawbreaker? 8/8/14)

    “Regardless of your party label, you need to follow the law that you swear to uphold in your oath of office,” Matt Arnold continued. “It’s disingenuous to only hold members of one party to account and call yourself an ‘ethics watch’ group.”

    Court dates are forthcoming on these complaints.


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