• Less than a week ago Sen. Mark Udall and all Colorado Lefties were excitedly touting a Marist poll that had him up by seven.  Yeah, and for the first few minutes seconds of last year’s Super Bowl, all us Coloradans still liked the Broncos chances against the Seahawks.  The week quickly bottomed out for Udall after that, when two consecutive polls had Rep. Cory Gardner beating him.  Is it time to write another letter Udall?  Perhaps, just toss afourth press person on your staff; surely, between all of them they can come up with enough gimmicks to distract from your 99% voting record with President Obama.

    For the first time this entire election cycle The New York Times Senate forecast at The Upshot predicts Udall has a greater chance of losing reelection than winning (53%-47%).  This is a huge deal, as The Upshot tries to go beyond just the polls and factor in other intangibles about a race, such as, incumbency, fundraising, a state’s past election history among others, who the liberals at the NYT want to win.  All those factors in The Upshot model lean heavily Udall’s way.  Yet, despite this inherent, built-in advantage, Udall can’t overcome one thing: the people of Colorado feel he is too far Left for our independent-minded state.

    This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Udall was still one of the deciding votes on Obamacare, a bill that brought nearly 16% of the entire nation’s economy under more bureaucratic control and heavy government regulations.  This makes it pretty much the antithesis of Udall’s new bogus “Freedom” campaign.

    Or, how Udall not only supports Obama’s desire to have more control over 64% of Colorado’s energy industry, but wants Obama to go even further.  Because, nothing says freedom in Colorado, like more bureaucrats in Washington D.C. telling us how to live our lives out here in the West.  And, any definition of freedom in Colorado definitely doesn’t mean an even more restrictive ban on gun magazine size (10), than the already gone too far law (15) that ended up costing three Democratic state Senators their jobs.

    Honestly, does Udall not understand the definition of freedom, or is he such an empty shell of a politician, whenever his campaign consultants pull his string, he’ll spout off whatever they tell him to?

    Despite Udall’s cash, incumbency, and other advantages, the prognosticators across the spectrum are starting to line up against him.  They must beginning to realize what we’ve known for a long time here in Colorado: when Udall utters the word freedom, all that really comes out of his mouth is horse sh@%.

    Instead of freedom from our guns, freedom from our choice of doctors, or freedom from how we get our electricity, Coloradans this fall want freedom from Udall.


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