• Dear Friend,
    As a veteran of some of the great battles of World War II — I landed on Normandy at D-Day plus 11, fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and crossed the Rhine — I feel unmistakable solidarity with the young men and women who through the generations have served. 
    The WWII generation was a great generation, but this one is too — remember, many in my era were forced into war by the draft, whereas today’s soldiers voluntarily serve. 
    One of the brave men who has voluntarily served our nation in great and grave conflicts is our Congressman, Mike Coffman. Mike is the only Member of Congress to have served in both Iraq wars.
    Mike is a veterans’ veteran.
    Very few anywhere have done more to honor and protect those who served than Mike Coffman.
    More than any other Member of Congress, Mike is responsible for blowing the whistle on the scandalous malfeasance of the VA. His bipartisan leadership to reform the system of healthcare for our veterans has been broadly praised around the country.  
    It’s one example of his leadership; there are countless more.
    That is why I’m disgusted — let me say it again, I AM DISGUSTED — by a new attack ad from a liberal front group questioning Mike’s commitment to veterans.
    Mike Coffman isn’t above fair criticism from time to time. I’ve chewed his butt a couple times myself.
    But questioning Mike Coffman’s commitment to the men and women of the armed services?
    We all know Nancy Pelosi recruited Andrew Romanoff to run against Mike. Is there nothing Pelosi, Romanoff and their allies won’t say?
    If Romanoff knows anything about service, he learned it from ordering a latte at Starbucks. How dare he and his allies question Mike Coffman’s commitment to our vets.
    Shame on you, Andrew Romanoff and Nancy Pelosi.
    In their fancy beltway TV ads, the Democrat front group doesn’t of course have the decency to mention Mike’s 21 years of service to this nation in the Army and Marines.
    Nor did they mention he was honored as “Legislator of the Year” by the Paralyzed Veterans of America Mountain States Chapter last year.
    That’s because “Vote Vets”, which has received a great deal of its funding from powerful labor unions, doesn’t exist to honor veterans. It exists to try to make Nancy Pelosi Speaker again.
    If you’re as offended as I am about “Vote Vets” cheap and tawdry tactics, you can do something about it. 
    • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper.
    • Forward this email to 5 people and tell them why you support Mike Coffman and all that he has done to help veterans.
    Mike has fought for us his entire career and now it’s time we stepped up and fight for him. 
    Don’t let Pelosi, Romanoff and their allies get away with this.
    Mort Marks
    WWII Veteran

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