• Earlier this week the Coffman campaign launched a digital effort aimed at forcing former House Speaker Andrew Romanoff to take a position on the pivotal Keystone XL pipeline.

    The former House Speaker has been refusing to be honest with voters about his position and yesterday the Denver Post responded by taking him to task for his hiding.

     You can read the story here. 

    Even after being pushed by the Post to take a stance, Romanoff decided it was safer to take no position at all.

    It’s clear why. Romanoff can’t afford to alienate his environmental extremist donors by supporting the pipeline, and he can’t risk opposing a project that is supported by 66% of Coloradans and would create tens of thousands of jobs.

    So he continues to hide behind the Obama administration’s politically delayed report on the pipeline. 

    Fox 31 reporter Eli Stokols was even more blunt about Romanoff’s lame excuse, tweeting that Romanoff is “punting like Udall.”

    Just what we need more of in Washington, DC — leaders who won’t lead.

    The debate over energy independence and security will be on the top of Colorado voters’ minds this November and it’s clear many Democrat politicians want nothing to do with that debate.

    It’s a debate that has been more than theoretical to Mike Coffman for many years. He has served in five overseas tours in the Army and Marines and every single one of those tours was connected to energy security in one way or another.

    But Democrats would rather launch false and sleazy attacks smearing Mike Coffman than engage in a substantive debate about how we generate more of our energy closer to home rather than relying on despots like Vladimir Putin.

    We at the Coffman campaign will continue to push Romanoff to be honest and direct with the voters of this district on this issue.

    You can aid our efforts as well.

    If you’re at an event where Romanoff is speaking, ask him: “Mr. Speaker, if you were in Congress today and the Keystone XL pipeline were up for a vote, how would you vote? Yes or no?”

    Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do for Mike Coffman’s campaign.

    Tomorrow marks 100 days until the election and with your support we’ll send back a principled leader to Washington. Lord knows we need more of that in Congress.


    Tyler Sandberg

    Campaign Manager

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