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    Peak-Trophy-731x1024After the disaster for all of Colorado that was the 2013 legislative session, the fact alone we didn’t repeat it makes us all some of the biggest winners of this session.  But fear not PeakNation™, we aren’t lowering our standards here at The Peak.  For example, if someone made our winners list, don’t be surprised if they win a Nobel prize next year, or end world hunger.

    Without further ado, our winner’s list:

    Colorado citizens – With the recalls leaving the Democrats with a one seat majority in the Senate, the people of this great state were spared from several pieces of unnecessary legislation this year.  One of the untold stories of the session is the Senate being a graveyard for overreaching House bills.

    Sens. Mary Hodge and Lois Tochtrop –  This dynamic duo were a commonsense backstop when it came to attacks from the far left on Colorado’s $29 billion oil and gas industry.  Their willingness to stand up to those in their own party will allow Colorado’s economy to continue to grow.

    Sen. Steve King – The Grand Junction Senator took the Hickenlooper Administration head on to get funding for the state’s firefighting air fleet.  This was no small task and we congratulate him for accomplishing it.

    Kristen Wyatt, AP – Rarely have we seen someone who has the perfect summary for every legislative day.  AP’s Kristen Wyatt showed quite the range by being able to capture the mood each day in another perfect gif.  If you haven’t been paying attention PeakNation™, you’ve been missing out.  Her final one for the session is here.

    Trial Lawyers – Despite a sort of non-campaign to show the ills of the construction defect legislation, nothing was accomplished this session to alleviate this huge issue, which is driving up the cost of housing. We can’t imagine why – perhaps it’s because Senate President Morgan Carroll is a trial lawyer.

    Bill Cadman – The veteran lawmaker has successfully managed the Senate Republican caucus through two contentious legislative sessions and has managed to bridge the partisan divide when necessary. Heck, Lynn Bartels called him a statesman earlier this year.  With increased fundraising and improved messaging efforts, he has laid the groundwork for a successful November.

    Rep. Libby Szabo – Szabo has been one of, if not the, largest proponent of passing Jessica’s Law here in Colorado.  While the version that was passed this year falls short on many levels, we applaud her stick-to-it-iveness in cracking down on child predators…and for forcing Democrats’ hand on the subject.

    The Capitol (yes, the building) – The Colorado State Capitol got a much-needed facelift with a new gold dome.  It’s lovely.  Have a gander.

    Rep. Jared Polis – With Hickenlooper still not knowing how to lead, a vacuum of who was the head of the Colorado Democratic party was created.  In stepped Jared Polis.  Now, not only can Polis claim to be a quirky Democratic money man who happened to win buy himself a Congressional seat, but his influence over the Colorado Democratic party has forced other Dems to meet him where he’s at: the far left.

    Treasurer Walker Stapleton – This year, Republicans rarely got what they wanted out of the state legislature.  That is, most Republicans. Every bill Stapleton advocated for passed with bipartisan support, and the one bill he advocated against was killed because he drummed up enough public opposition.

    And, there you have it, PeakNation, did we forget anyone?  Agree?  Disagree?  Until next year, we adjourn this post sine die.



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