• megyn_kellyDemocratic Senator Kay Hagan from the great state of North Carolina is in a lot of hot water these days.

    There are three reasons why she’s in so much trouble: 1) She’s a Democrat, 2) She’s up for reelection in November, and 3) She voted for ObamaCare.

    She’s going to need more than a little luck to survive in this political climate.

    A reporter decided to actually commit journalism and ask her about the ObamaCare broken promise that people who liked their insurance plan would be able to keep it. Specifically, he asked her when she found out that that promise wasn’t true.

    She didn’t answer that question and decided to just say that she’s committed to fixing ObamaCare and that she’s sponsoring legislation to enable people to keep their existing health plans.

    Not content with that answer (as no one should be), the reporter asked her that same question again as she was leaving the event. This time, she just walked away while mumbling something.

    Finally, while being cornered, she gave yet another non-answer.

    This was all caught on video, and was shown on The Kelly File last night. After the video ran, host Megyn Kelly showed her reaction to all of that and it’s absolutely priceless.

    Have a look at the video below.

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