• It’s a good thing liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall’s BFF, rabid environmentalist Tom Steyer, recently announced he could end up spending more than the $100 million he’s already talked about spending this election season, because Mark Udall is going to need every penny he can get his hands on.

    new poll out by Rasmussen shows that Keystone XL pipeline has never been more popular, with 61% of Americans in favor of it.  This shouldn’t come as a shock as the State Department’s own environmental assessment of it in January said the environmental impact of the project would be negligible at its worse.  The normally reliably-Democratic unions have come outfor it and the jobs it would create.  In fact, unions are so in favor of it, they have begun to attack Democrats over it.  The only subsection of Democratic coalition who opposes it are the over-educated and the over-paid—in other words, the ones who are too insulated to feel the effect of rising energy prices; the “let them eat cake” crowd.

    While Udall can’t seem to stop talking about birth control (then again, we suppose Nero couldn’t stop fiddling either), a full 56% of unaffiliated voters say a candidate’s position on the pipeline will be important with how they vote come November.  This isn’t shocking when it’s known 62% believe Keystone is good for the economy, while almost by a two to one margin, Americans don’t believe we are doing enough to fully utilize our domestic energy resources.

    We know Steyer already got Udall to read him a bedtime story earlier this spring, but even with a $100 million dollars, at some point, money stops talking and the will of the people breaks through.  With these poll results showing just how far out of mainstream Udall’s position is, it’s becoming clear, it’s not just Steyer’s money that keeps Udall out on the fringes, it’s actually what Udall truly believes.

    Just another sign Udall is too extreme for Colorado.


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