• Colorado Republican Congressional District 7 Committee


    Sherry D. Collins, Chairman     Maria Weese, Vice-Chairman                Bobby Eskenberry, Secretary

    March 4, 2014

    TO:      Elected Delegates to CD-7 Republican Assembly

    CC:      Adams County Republican Party
    c/o Steve House, Chairman

    Jefferson County Republican Party
    c/o Bill Tucker, Chairman

    Republican Elected Officials resident in CD-7

    Pursuant to the Bylaws of the Colorado Republican Congressional District 7 Committee, notice is hereby given that the Nominating Assembly of the Colorado Republican District 7 Committee will take place on Saturday, April 5, 2014, at 9:00 AM.  The Assembly will be held at Mile Hi Church, 9077 W. Alameda Ave., Lakewood, CO (near the corner of Garrison and Alameda).  Registration and credentialing will begin at 8 A.M.

    A total of 486 delegates, and an equal number of alternate delegates have been authorized by the Colorado Republican State Central Committee.  These have been apportioned to the each county as follows:

    Adams County             169       Delegates
    Jefferson County          317       Delegates

    The purposes of this Assembly shall be:

    • To designate Republican candidate(s) for member of the U.S. House of Representatives for the 7th Congressional District for nomination on the 2014 primary election ballot;
    • To designate Republican candidate (s) for member of the Colorado State Board of Education.
    • To elect vacancy committee as required
    • To conduct all other business of the Republican Party that may rightly come before the Assembly of Delegates


    A mandatory badge fee of $7 for each Delegate and Alternate is hereby assessed to cover the costs of the Assembly.  The fee must be received from each member of the Assembly before the member is seated.  The fee shall be payable to Republican 7th Congressional District and mailed to Bob Miles, Treasurer, 2225 South Tucson Way, Aurora, CO 80014


    Sherry D. Collins 

    Sherry D. Collins, Chairman

    Colorado Republican Congressional District 7 Committee

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