I. Authority
    The chairman, officers and officials, and the
    Adams County Republican Assembly shall be bound
    by the Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS), Bylaws of
    the Colorado Republican State Central Committee
    (CRC), Bylaws of the Adams County Republican
    Central Committee (ACRC), and these rules.
    II. Voting Members
    A. The voting members of the assembly shall be
    the duly elected and appointed delegates present.
    Only delegates shall participate in any debate, voting,
    or other business of the assembly.
    B. After delegate check-in, in the absence of a
    delegate, an alternate shall be selected and shall
    become a delegate. Delegates shall wear delegate
    identification to participate in assembly business.
    Alternates shall be elevated to Delegate according to
    “ACRC Policy for Advancement of ACRC Alternates
    to Delegate Status.”
    III. Credentials
    A. The Credentials Committee shall report the
    number of delegates and alternates present after the
    opening ceremonies of this assembly. The chairman
    may request a roll call from the district captains of
    their assigned precincts.
    B. Delegates exiting the Convention area any
    time before permanent adjournment, without the
    intent to return, should surrender their name tag
    (voting credential) to the Credentials Committee.
    The Credentials Committee will offer an Alternate
    who is next on the official list of Alternates,
    maintained by the Credentials Committee, who is
    available in the designated Alternate area. If he is
    unavailable for any reason, the next on the list of
    Alternates will be offered the voting credential as a
    Delegate. If the passed-over Alternate subsequently
    becomes available, he may restore his position on the
    Alternate list for subsequently available opportunities
    to be elevated to Delegate status.
    IV. Quorum
    A quorum of the county assembly shall consist of
    those delegates present.
    V. Emergency Recess
    In the event of an extraordinary emergency, the
    Chairman will declare a recess which shall not
    exceed seven (7) calendar days. The Chairman shall
    give the delegates and alternates not less than twenty
    four (24) hours notice of the time and place for the
    assembly to resume.
    VI. Voting
    A. Delegates shall be entitled to one (1) vote on
    each matter before the assembly. “Unit rule,” by
    which the entire vote of a delegation is cast according
    to the majority vote within that delegation shall not
    be allowed, nor shall cumulative, fractional or
    proportional voting be permitted. Proxies shall NOT
    be recognized in the assembly. The affirmative vote
    of a simple majority of the delegates shall be the act
    of the assembly unless otherwise provided by CRS,
    CRC or ACRC bylaws.
    B. The manner of voting, and time allowed for
    ballot submission shall be determined by the
    chairman or by a majority vote of the assembly.
    Balloting for public offices shall be by secret ballot,
    except that the chairman may declare “by unanimous
    consent” if the candidate is unopposed.
    C. After the Chairman announces a vote requiring
    distribution of paper ballots, or other voting
    procedure, each Delegate must proceed to his
    assigned District Captain Group seating to receive a
    ballot, or register his vote (for other voting
    procedure), and remain until the ballots are
    distributed for that particular vote, or until counting is
    complete for non-written ballot voting procedures. If
    a Delegate is not present in his seating area before the
    end of ballot distribution, or until counting is
    complete, as appropriate, he forfeits his right to vote
    on that particular ballot proposal. In cases where a
    second ballot is required, a Delegate who missed
    voting in the first ballot is eligible for subsequent
    ballots if he complies with the above.
    D. There shall be no demonstrations or
    electioneering during voting and challenge processes.
    Violators are subject to ejection from the assembly.
    VII. Motions
    Only delegates to this assembly may present
    motions. Delegates presenting motions shall identify
    themselves by name and precinct number. At the
    discretion of the chair, motions shall be delivered to
    the chair in writing before any action is taken upon
    the motion. The chair may require the written motion
    to be signed by the proponent and delivered to the
    secretary before the close of the assembly.
    VIII. Discussion/Debate
    A. Only voting members may participate in
    discussions after first obtaining recognition from the
    chair. To obtain recognition from the chair, the
    delegate must state his/her name and precinct
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