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    100 fifth graders head to State Capitol on Friday, March 14 to quiz legislators and lobbyists on U.S. Constitution, students to read the Declaration of Independence on House floor


    DENVER, Colo., March 10, 2014 – The Liberty Day Institute, a Colorado-based nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to promoting civics education, will be sending in more than 100 fifth-graders from Englewood, Northglenn, and Craig to quiz legislators and lobbyists on the U.S. Constitution.  For the second time in history, fifth grade students will also read the Declaration of Independence on the House floor.

    liberty day2“Liberty Day gives us the opportunity to pause from WHAT we’re doing here in the State Capitol and reflect on WHY we’re doing it — so that our ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the Earth,’” said House Speaker Mark Ferrandino.  “Thanks to Andy McKean, Jimmy Sengenberger and all who are involved with making our Liberty Day observance so meaningful.”


    Last year, Speaker Ferrandino originated the idea of students themselves reading the Declaration.  He readily agreed to do so again this year.  


    Participating fifth graders from Adams 12 and Englewood schools, as well as fifth graders from Craig, Colorado in coordination with the Daughters of the American Revolution there, will distribute Constitution booklets and quiz legislators, lobbyists and visitors in the morning at the Colorado State Capitol in an annual event put on by Liberty Day.


    Students will watch from the House floor and the gallery as eight of their peers read the Declaration of Independence in observance of Liberty Day.


    James Madison, the nation’s fourth president and “Father of the Constitution,” was born on March 16, 1751.  In 2000, Congress officially recognized “Liberty Day” as Madison’s birthday in large part due to the efforts of the organization’s founder, Andy McKean.


    Established in 1996, the Liberty Day Institute distributes pocket-sized copies of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, flashcards, and teaching resources to students, teachers, service groups and others throughout the country.  Volunteer elected officials, attorneys and others then visit classes to review the materials with the students.

    liberty day“Liberty Day is excited to offer fifth graders throughout Colorado and across the country the chance to participate in engaging, immersive, and interactive experiences for students that will both educate and inspire them,” said Jimmy Sengenberger, president of the Liberty Day Institute.


    In 2013, thanks to a $50,000 grant awarded by the Denver-based Daniels Fund, the Institute was able to distribute 49,700 copies of the Liberty Day Institute booklet with teaching materials fifth grade classes across the state.  The event at the Capitol will serve as a kickoff for the spring 2014 phase of the program, which Liberty Day is calling the “Colorado James Madison Initiative.”


    “These documents are the root from which the tree of American exceptionalism grows,” said Paul Lundeen, chair of the Colorado State Board of Education, who will be in attendance at the event.


    Liberty Day has been endorsed by and is working with the Colorado Education Association, the Colorado Bar Association, the Colorado Association of School Boards, the Colorado Association of School Executives and others to implement the statewide Initiative.

    For more information about Liberty Day’s Colorado James Madison Initiative, visit www.JamesMadisonInitiative.org.


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