• What is sure to be a heated and highly contest bunch of county elections in 2014 is getting ready to start in earnest.  Major party county assemblies are next month and candidates are starting to make their case for their party’s voters.

    Following is a quick rundown of each Adams County race and the candidates that have filed with the Secretary of State.  If residents truly want to rid the county of its corrupt officials, selecting the right people for public office is critical.  I offer my quick hits on some of the races and candidates with much more to come as the assemblies get closer.

    • Editor’s note, updated 12:11 p.m. – A few notes since originally published.  Stan Martin will be running for Clerk & Recorder.  An additional candidate for assessor is expected to be announced as well.  Sources also indicate that Doug Darr isnot running for commissioner.

    If you have any information you would like to have considered about any of the candidates, leave a comment orcontact me privately (confidentiality assured).

    Adams County Assessor – Current assessor and convicted criminal Gil Reyes (D) is finally set to vacate the office.  Unfortunately there appears to be only one candidate for the office and he is one that has a D after his name like all other political officials that have embarrassed county residents.  The local Republican party appears to be unable to field a candidate.

    • John Schaul (D)
    • John Doe (R) – Awaiting confirmation of this candidate.

    Clerk & Recorder – Karen Long (D) is finally done and someone new will be taking over this office.  Residents would certainly like to find a competent official that fix our poorly run elections.  Don’t hold your breath.  As is, by the time November rolls around there will only be one candidate to choose from and that is a shame.

    • Edward Casso (D) – Former three term State Representative for House District 32.  Voting record in legislature indicates he is beholden to labor unions, more than willing to increase taxes on job makers.
    • Stan Martin (R) – Third generation Adams County resident and small businessman.  Leader of the effort to stop the unjust taxation of county residents via a so-called ‘stormwater tax.’  Likely a good guardian of citizen rights.
    • Cynthia Martinez (D) – Current Brighton City Council member.

    Coroner – This year features a rematch of the 2010 election with the same candidates.  That year Bronucia-Jordan won and came into office with a flurry of controversy.  Arnall

    • Michael “Mike” Arnall (R) – Was unjustly fired by previous coroner James Hibbard (D) and won a big settlement from the county.  Since losing the previous election a quid pro quo agreement between he and Broncucia-Jordan has allowed him to continue to work for the county.
    • Monica Broncucia-Jordan (D) – Came into office following the disgraced exit of her predecessor.  Has failed to resolve all the ongoing issues with the corner’s office.

    Treasurer – County Democrats are seeking to reclaim this office after the previous, corrupt Dem to occupy the office was booted in 2010.  Voters should certainly remember that party’s candidates actions come November.

    • Steve Douglas (D) – Commerce City councilmember.
    • Brigitte Grimm (R) – Came into office in 2010 and cleaned up this disgraced county office.  Well worth reelecting.
    • Alexander Villagran (D) – Adams County Democrat Party activist.

    Sheriff – This is probably going to be one of the most contentious and closely watched local races.  Current sheriff Doug Darr is term-limited (thankfully!) and there are a host of choices.

    • James Fariello (AN) – A perpetual candidate for office having made failed runs for sheriff, commissioner and coroner.  The only real role Fariello will play is as a potential spoiler preventing an electable and worthy candidate from winning the office.
    • Mike McIntosh (R) – A current division chief within the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, McIntosh was hand-picked by current sheriff Doug Darr to run for office. That alone should worry county residents as it would seem to portend more of the same, failed leadership would be ahead.
    • Norbert “Larry” Medina (D) – A 23-year veteran of the sheriff’s office.  Currently works in the jail.
    • Mark Nicastle (R) – Was wrongfully targeted and retaliated against by Darr.  Nicastle now seeks to claim the office which he ran for previously.  Has the resume to support his election and has the overwhelming support of the rank and file in the department.
    • Fred Ramirez (R) – Former New York City law enforcement officer.
    • Richard “Rick” Reigenborn (D) – A 23-year veterans of the sheriff’s office.  Defendant in a case against him and other North Metro Drug Task Force supervisors for allegedly retaliating against whistleblowers. Not a good sign.

    County Commissioner District 3 – A fascinating matchup pitting an incumbent who has fulfilled a promise to work toward restoring the public trust in county government against a man who from behind the scenes fed the old culture of corruption.

    County Commissioner District 4 – One of the two new districts, whoever is elected will represent those in the southwestern, urban part of the county.

    • Joseph “Joe” Domenico (R) – Lifelong Adams County resident, active in the community, primarily in the Welby area.
    • Steven O’Dorisio (D) – Longtime Democrat activist with strong ties to the corrupt Adams Family and familial ties to Alice Nichol.  Run, don’t walk, from this candidate.

    County Commissioner District 5 – The second new district, District 5 is the largest in terms of land mass covering Brighton, Aurora and areas to the east.

    • Mary Ellen Casso-Pollack (D) – Brighton business person.  One I don’t quite grasp. Ties to and endorsements from the old Adams Family however appears to have supported the Republican presidential ticket in 2012.
    • Robert “Bob” Gaiser (D) – Former Broomfield City Councilman.
    • Janice “Jan” Pawlowski (R) – Former Brighton mayor.  When in office fought against Adams County corruption and RTD’s failures to live up to its promises.
    • Wilma Rose (D) – Former Brighton city council member.
    • Thomson “Thom” Stanfield (D) – Local business person, staunch opponent of the county’s stormwater utility.


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    One Comment to "Local election cycle begins to heat up as Adams County candidates declare"

    • A concerned Adams County citizen says:

      Brigitte Grimm is worth re-electing. Being Treasurer in a big County we need a person who can run the office and Brigitte Grimm has proven that she can. Brigitte is passionate about what she does and helping people. She took over an office in disarray due to horrible management by the previous, terribly unqualified Treasurer, and has implemented many changes that have improved efficiency, customer service as well as employee morale. I assure you we do not want to get into the situation of Dems voting straight party line and putting another unqualified individual into an office that has control over how County money is invested. Before you vote, do your research on the candidates as well as what each office is responsible for. I know the Treasurer has received a lot of grief over things like the storm water tax. What most people don’t understand is that the treasurer doesn’t make up these taxes, only collects what they are told to collect.

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