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    Dr. Cindy Stevenson, the Superintendent of JeffCo R1 school district, announced this morning that she will be leaving Jeffco before the end of the month. At the start of this morning’s budget study session, she announced that she asked the board to be let out of her contract early and they obliged.

    The meeting grew contentious when supporters of Dr. Stevenson began shouting at the board. Security requested that the meeting be adjourned for the safety of all. Union leaders had sent out a memo to their membership requesting them to show up to this morning’s meeting, wearing black shirts and prepared to shout “No” and “Recall.” Around 200 supporters showed up to answer the call.

    Shortly after the last school board elections in November, Dr. Stevenson announced that she would retire at the end of the current school year, on June 30.  According to recent press releases, Dr. Stevenson has accepted a position with the Colorado Association of School Executives (CASE) to head up their leadership Initiative.

    “When an executive announces her retirement, announces she has a new job, and asks to be released from their contract, it is prudent to honor that request,” said Jeffco Students First, Executive Director Sheila Atwell.

    Jefferson County voters spoke loudly in the November elections when they supported candidates, who promised to focus on student achievement, choice, and accountability.  The new board kept their promises in early meetings by voting unanimously to raise expectations for student achievement and asking the superintendent for plans to raise the number of third graders reading proficiently from 80% to 85%.  That will mean 300 additional third graders will be reading at grade level each year.

    “Transitions can be tough but I am confident the professional Jeffco staff will be focused each day on guiding the learning of 85,000 students,” Atwell said.

    Jeffco Students First will continue to hold the board accountable to improving results for students.

    Contact:  Sheila Atwell, Executive Director, JeffCo Students First

    Phone:     303-619-4488

    Email:       executivedirector@jeffcostudentsfirst.org

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