• The RTD Board of Directors approved a $343 million contract award to Graham, Balfour Beatty, Hamon Constructors (GBBH) to design and build the North Metro Rail Line to 124th Avenue.

    The announcement was made at the Board of Directors meeting Nov. 26, 2013.

    Option to go to 162nd Ave.

    GBBH has proposed building out the complete North Metro Line to 162nd Avenue, but RTD staff recommends the first phase of the project be built to 124th with the funding that is currently available.

    Building to 124th as a first phase serves the majority of projected ridership for the corridor, and as additional funds become available, RTD can then exercise an option with the contractor and issue a notice to proceed to complete the line to 162nd.

    First phase complete by January 2018

    The proposal commits to completing construction of the line from Union Station to 124th by January 2018. 

    “We had four sound proposals, but after thorough evaluation, the GBBH proposal provides the best value and allows us to make great strides toward completing another FasTracks project,” said RTD General Manager Phil Washington.

    The GBBH team includes Stantec Consulting Services and Parsons Brinckerhoff on design, Zann and Associates as the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise lead, Communications Connections Consulting heading up public information, Transit Safety & Security Solutions leading system safety and Systems Consulting, LLC taking the lead on quality assurance, among others.


    • December 2013 – Notice to Proceed issued
    • 2014: Design and construction begin
    • 2018: North Metro Rail Line to 124th opens to public
    Work at Bambei-Walker Reservoir in Adams County
    Work at Bambei-Walker Reservior along the North Metro Rail Line in Adams County, Colo.

    $343 million project

    GBBH’s cost proposal to build the line to 124th is $343 million, which RTD will finance by issuing Certificates of Participation (COPs). Building North Metro to 124th as a first phase makes it affordable for RTD to utilize its own financing opportunities to fund the project.

    The North Metro commuter line will be built on property RTD already owns.

    “This demonstrates RTD’s commitment to making investments in the northern suburbs as we keep FasTracks moving forward,” Washington says.

    GBBH proposal highlights

    • Solid design-build experience and experience working with RTD
    • Comprehensive understanding of scope and project issues
    • Most technically innovative proposal
    • Systems work will integrate into existing systems seamlessly
    • Demonstrated understanding of railroad coordination, requirements, operations and safety
    • Good stakeholder collaboration and public outreach approach
    • Commitment to exceed RTD’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise goals by 1% each on design and construction – 24% design, 22% construction, and add a 1% Small Business Enterprise goal (no RTD SBE goal set)
    First commuter rail trains arrive in Philadelphia
    RTD’s first commuter rail vehicles arrive for final assembly in Philadelphia

    Additional projects proposed

    GBBH proposed options to complete the three FasTracks extension projects, but RTD will need to identify funding for the extensions before moving forward with those projects. They include:

    • Central Rail Extension from 30th and Welton to 38th and Blake
    • Southeast Rail Extension from Lincoln Avenue to RidgeGate Parkway
    • Southwest Rail Extension from Mineral to Lucent Boulevard

    The group also proposed options to build an extension from 162nd to Longmont and a segment of the Northwest Rail Line from 71st and Lowell to 88th Avenue in Westminster. Funding would need to be identified for those proposals as well.

    How we arrived here

    In February, GBBH approached RTD with an unsolicited proposal. After reviewing the initial proposal, RTD staff determined it was consistent with the agency’s Unsolicited Proposals Policy and worthy of moving forward to a competitive procurement process.

    On September 23, RTD received four competitive proposals for the North Metro Rail project – one from GBBH Contractors; one from Bechtel/Herzog joint venture; one from North Metro Transit Solutions, a Kiewit/Stacy and Witbeck joint venture; and another from URS Energy and Construction, Inc.

    Over the past couple of years, RTD has publicized the agency’s desire to seek out innovations to complete the FasTracks program as soon as possible, enhance the RTD customer experience and reduce the cost of RTD operations.

    This was the premise behind RTD’s first industry forum called, Transformation Through Transportation, which was held Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2011.


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