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     Not exactly hitting it out of the park. That’s Colorado according to the Wall Street Journal‘s 2013 ranking.

    Their report ranks us, overall, 31st of the states in having a well-run state government.

    Yet we have many advantages:

    • Coloradans are wealthier – by $7,737 per household – than worse-ranked states.
    • Poverty is 26% more pervasive in lower-ranked states.
    • We’ve long been counted as having among America’s most well-educated residents.
    • Bountiful natural resources aided us in the past and still help top-ranked states in the WSJ ratings.

    Superior citizens may endure badly-managed government.

    President Obama’s a successful politician, but 57% of Americans say he can’t “manage government effectively.” [full results here]

    Our Dems are like Obama. Good at politics, Colorado’s Democrats have given us poorly-managed state government. Hick doesn’t have a majority saying he’s doing a good job. And 59% of Coloradans with opinions about our state legislature disapprove of the job they’re doing.

    Don’t let the Dems off the hook when they plead state government poverty – as they implicitly did whining for a billion dollar tax hike.

    Our pitiable rating isn’t because of lack of state government spending. Compare the last operating budget written when Republicans held the governorship and both houses of the legislature  to the one just written by the hyper-partisan Democrats.

    FY 2004-05 = $13.83 billion

    FY 2013-14 = $22.48 billion

    We had plenty of cash to throw around … which Democrats did instead of managing our state government efficiently.

    Note about the Quinnipiac poll. Regarding the legislature, some demographic groups (Republicans, men, Independents) moved from “don’t know” to “bad job.” It looks to me like Democrats, women and Hispanics are holding their noses at the awful job Dems did in 2013. They could shift to a “throw the bums out” mentality making 2014 a wave election in Colorado … fueled by Democrats’ incompetencies.


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