• October 16th, 2013

    City of Thornton Civic Center

    Thornton City Council has failed in its charge to fill vacant seats in the chambers, not they need voters to tell them they don’t have to do their job. Vote no on 2E.

    Twice in recent history City Council was unable to deal with a mayoral vacancy as is their charge under the Thornton City Charter.  Petty infighting and politics forced the city to go without a mayor because council couldn’t get their act together.

    This ballot question would make the Mayor Pro-Tem the Acting Mayor automatically should there be a vacancy.

    While it seems innocuous enough, it is pretty ridiculous to have to even address the issue.  The fact residents must vote to bail them out highlights the failure of leadership of the majority of the current council, as well as the previous one.  These yahoos refuse to set aside their pride and simply do what is best for the city.

    Their solution is not even a good one.  All this will do is ensure that the fighting to become Mayor Pro-Tem is more contentious than ever.  Further, it leaves council one person short of a full body thus preventing residents from being adequately represented.

    Instead, I say citizens need to hold council’s feet to the fire and compel them to do the job they were hired for.  If they can’t do it (which clearly many cannot), then they need to go.

    Vote no on 2E.

    Six municipal issues will be on City of Thornton voters’ ballots in 2013.  Some are relatively benign, some appear to be but are certainly not.  This week I will be running down each one individually offering my thoughts on them.  Be sure to check back daily for a look at these issues and the reasoning why I think you should or shouldn’t vote in favor of them.


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