•  October 14th, 2013

    Thornton voters should choose to say yes on Ballot Issue 2B so views like this one at Sprat-Platte Lake can be preserved. (Tony's Rants)Thornton voters should choose to say yes on Ballot Issue 2B so views like this one at Sprat-Platte Lake can be preserved. (Tony’s Rants)

    Since 1997 Thornton residents have paid a 0.25% sales tax to fund parks and open space.  The tax will sunset in 2018 unless voters choose to extend it.

    As I have written before, I am generally against tax increases / extensions.  Oftentimes this money is not used as intended and we witness government’s being poor stewards of our funds.

    However, that is not the case with the City of Thornton’s handling of taxpayer funds for parks and open space.  We have seen many good works done with this money, most recently the extraordinary enhancements to the recreation center area.

    This measure caps the amount that can be used for maintenance and no salaries can be paid from the funds.  The money simply goes where it should.

    The active lifestyle Coloradans enjoy and crave requires opportunities and this tax affords such.  Thornton’s continued growth is only going to increase that demand and our taxpayer dollars can help ensure we have the amenities our community seeks.

    Vote yes on 2B. 

    Editor’s note: Some might note that I don’t refer to the rec center and adjacent park by its formal name.  Quite frankly I avoid using the name as I dislike the naming of city properties and amenities for individuals.  While the person these amenities are named after contributed to Thornton, I don’t feel they are worthy of the continued deifying some feel this person deserves. Further, few residents now, and even fewer in the future, will even know who she is and it seems a name that withstands the test of time would be more fitting.   

    Six municipal issues will be on City of Thornton voters’ ballots in 2013.  Some are relatively benign, some appear to be but are certainly not.  This week I will be running down each one individually offering my thoughts on them.  Be sure to check back daily for a look at these issues and the reasoning why I think you should or shouldn’t vote in favor of them.


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