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    The Recall Elections?
    In a few days, we will learn the immediate outcome of the recall elections of State Senators Morse and Giron. We may not know the final outcome, as there will undoubtedly be lawsuits, accusations of fraud, and political maneuvers that are yet unimagined by most of us. But rest assured, there are political innovators champing at the bit.
    Although there will be many volunteer hours spent, hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars and taxpayer money, who wins and who loses won’t really matter.  If the recall is defeated, the statists will continue on their current path to rapidly expand government. Some say that they will accelerate their efforts to tax and control the citizens of Colorado, but after the last legislative session, I can’t imagine how any acceleration would be meaningful – the pedal is already to the metal.
    If the recalls are successful, Republicans will still have a minority in the senate, and both new senators will have to defend their seats in 2014.  Most importantly, those elections will be held under the new election law passed by the Democrats, HB1303, which I’ve dubbed the “Voter Fraud Encouragement Act.”
    The Voter Fraud Encouragement Act
    This new law governs the recall election, and will undoubtedly lead to massive voter fraud, at least in terms of what you and I call fraud.  The law weakens any legal definition of fraud to the point that no meaningful prosecution of perpetrators will be possible. Thanks to the Democrats, elections will be won by whichever party has the most buses, according to Jon Caldara. The Independence Institute has a website to help people understand the vagaries of the new law. I would add that it will also be won by the party most willing to commit fraud.
    There is still a difference between the two parties. One party believes that our citizens can not create, innovate, prosper, or succeed without the intervention and assistance of government. That party believes that without government elitists to determine what is best, our society will fail. The other party believes that the independent actions of millions of people pursuing their own interests, while respecting that pursuit by others, will always result in a better outcome than elitist control.
    Given the Democrat’s lack of respect for us, the feeble-minded citizens, which party is more likely to do whatever is necessary to put the power in the hands of their party elites?  The democratic process necessary for a representative republic has been forever undermined by the new law. Any future election will be governed by the Voter Fraud Encouragement Act.
    Restoring the Democratic Process and Protecting Our Votes
    This law can be repealed, and there are three ways to repeal it. First, the legislature can repeal it. Fat chance – the Democrat majority passed the law to ensure their continued power. They won’t give up that power.
    Second, a citizen initiative could repeal it. There is a new organization called Improve Colorado that seems capable of taking that on. However, to be successful, a citizen initiative must win an election governed by the Voter Fraud Encouragement Act. Meanwhile, Democrats will have another legislative session to make citizen initiatives even more difficult to pass. Another session of Democrat majority in the legislature, a spineless, leftist governor, and rampant voter fraud will end our ability to stop government’s onslaught on liberty.
    Third, the Governor can threaten the legislature. Repealing this law is so critical to the restoration of our rights to participate in our Government that the governor should tell the legislature that he or she will veto every one of the 500+ bills the legislature passes every year, until they repeal the law.
    And while the Governor is at it, he or she should also insist on the repeal of the new citizen control laws passed by the Democrats under the guise of “gun control.”
    Obviously, I’m not suggesting that Hickenlooper is the right man for this job. He has bowed to the most vile interests of his party, billionaire Bloomberg, gun wielding criminals who prefer an unarmed citizenry, and scum like Nathan Dunlap.
    The Last Restraint on the Legislature – The Election That Matters
    We need a candidate for Governor in 2014 who can explain to the voters that there is one last opportunity to restore the checks and balances on government envisioned by the Founding Fathers – the Governor.
    It’s time for those who love liberty to understand that this is our last chance. We can win one more election if we put every resource of Republicans, Libertarians, constitutionalists, conservatives, and independents into one important race, the right candidate who will hold the legislature responsible for its irresponsible governance and repeal the Voter Fraud Encouragement Act. No senate or house race matters.
    Many Democrats also value the democratic process, and will vote for the candidate that vows to restore their rights in participatory government, especially after the fiasco we are about to witness in the recall elections.
    As long as the Voter Fraud Encouragement Act stands, we have nothing to lose. Repealing the law is paramount. The Governor’s race is the one that matters. We just need the commitment of Republicans to lead the way…And the right candidate.

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