Colorado Senate President John Morse gives his concession speech after being defeated in Tuesday’s recall election. (Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post)

    By Shawn Mitchell

    Re:Time to move past Colorado recall elections,” Sept. 10 editorial.

    It’s simply false to call the John Morse/Angela Giron recalls an abuse of the process or just about policy disagreements, as The Denver Post has suggested on several occasions. The angry reaction, especially to Morse, is about bigger things. Pollster Floyd Ciruli nailed it when he said voters felt they were being ignored. Morse displayed contempt for Coloradans a dozen different ways.

    He saluted outside pressure and commandeered the legislative process to rush badly crafted bills over massive public objection. The session was promised to be about jobs and the economy, the themes Morse and Gov. John Hickenlooper stressed going into 2013.

    But after Sandy Hook, when national Democrats called, Morse thrust Colorado into a spotlight role in gun controllers’ national strategy: “If we can pass it here, we can pass it anywhere.” It wasn’t about his district or state, it was about pushing a polarized national debate.

    Morse took calls and directions from Vice President Joe Biden and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg even while urging his colleagues to ignore floods of passionate calls, letters, and e-mails from opposed Coloradans. He sponsored an outrageous bill to make manufacturers liable for crimes of gun buyers. It was so extreme that his caucus rebelled.

    Morse had to kill his bill, speaking famously of cleansing a “sickness from our souls,” which gun advocates took as a direct slap at them. He manipulated committee schedules, confounding planning of citizens and witnesses to attend all bill hearings. He pushed through bills so overreaching, misconceived and full of sweeping, unintended consequences, the governor and attorney general were forced to make hollow promises that no one would actually enforce them literally. But neither man controls local prosecution. District attorneys act independently.

    Morse refused to pause to amend and fix the bills. So fierce was the opposition, so fearful were Democratic leaders of lawmakers bowing to public outrage, they ignored good policy and rammed their steaming pile of political malpractice straight to the complicit governor’s desk for a private signing ceremony.

    No, Denver Post, pundits, and apologists. The recall was not about policy disagreements. It was about betrayal in leadership, opportunistically ramming an outside agenda, turning one’s back on constituents, and saluting liberal national puppet-masters.

    It was a historic breach of trust. Coloradans properly reacted in righteous anger and historic opposition.

    Shawn Mitchell is a former Republican legislator from Broomfield.


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