• The Democratic agenda came with a big price tag. Now Colorado budget writers worry about paying the bill.

    The rising costs of Gov. Jared Polis’ full-day kindergarten program is part of an estimated $100 million in additional costs lawmakers will need to cover

  • NSRF members and guests,

    Since it’s the last meeting before the November 5th off-year election, we’ll have candidates running for local school boards, city councils and mayors.  

    If you’re running for office, plan to attend and join us to address the Forum and bring your signs and literature. 

    We’ll have Nick Kliebenstein & Eric Hapner discuss oil & gas issues.  We’ll also be discussing the Colorado Blue Book and its ballot questions.

     Join us on Saturday, October 12th from 9am-11am for our next Forum. We meet at the Amazing Grace Community Church, 541 E 99th Place in Thornton.  Admission is $5 per person and includes a continental breakfast.

    Have you registered to vote?

    We need your help to turn Colorado from blue to purple and then back to red.   If you don’t vote, you are helping to elect Democrats and their over-reaching, big government, higher spending policies.

    It’s time to get to work.  Click the following links to check your voting status and learn about your ballot:

    Colorado:                            https://www.vote.org/state/colorado/

    Adams County:                 https://www.adamsvotes.com/

    Arapahoe County:           https://www.arapahoevotes.com/

    Boulder County:               https://bouldercolorado.gov/elections

    Broomfield County:         https://www.broomfield.org/153/Elections

    Denver County:                https://www.denvergov.org/content/denvergov/en/denver-elections-divison.html

    Douglas County:               https://www.douglas.co.us/elections/

    Jefferson County:            https://www.jeffco.us/elections

    Weld County:                    https://www.weldgov.com/departments/clerk_and_recorder/elections_department


    Ballot Information Booklet:         https://leg.colorado.gov/content/initiatives/initiatives-blue-book-overview/ballot-information-booklet-blue-book



  • Author: Mike Rosen

    With their majority in both houses of the state legislature and the office of governor, Democrats exploited their monopoly on state government to ram through a measure that commits Colorado to a nationwide plot to subvert presidential elections. It’s called the National Popular Vote (NPV) Compact.

    It’s a devious scheme to circumvent the Electoral College which was brilliantly crafted by our founders to conform with the constitutional republic they created, as codified in Article IV, Section 4 guaranteeing to every state a “republican form of government.” And decidedly not a direct democracy. The word “democracy” appears nowhere in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. The notion that we have a national popular vote for president is a fiction. What we have are 51 separate elections, one in each of the states and the District of Columbia. It’s only as a matter of curiosity that we tally the votes of those 51 popular elections to produce a national total. But it has no force of law.

    The democratic principle of “one person one vote” applies more appropriately to the US House where seats are apportioned strictly by population; but not in the Senate where each state gets two votes regardless of population. Electoral votes for president are also assigned among the states to disproportionally favor states with low populations, and they’re cast winner-take-all (except in Nebraska and Maine) rather than proportionately based on a state’s popular vote. James Madison explained that, “The immediate election of the president is to be made by the states in their political characters.” That is, as individual entities not as members of any collective “compact.”

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  • Only the Truth can keep us Free

    Too often we focus on short term issues. Meanwhile we are losing the younger generation to lies and indoctrination, and if we cannot deal with that, the future would seem rather bleak. That is a long term problem. Truth, particularly historical truth, and foundational principles, provide answers.

    Join the NSRF on Saturday, September 14th from 9:00am-11:00am.  Admission is $5 per person with a continental breakfast included.  We meet at Amazing Grace Community Church, 541 E 99th Place in Thornton.

    Philip W. Winkler

    • Author of America’s History Revealed – Keeping America Free, won two awards from Colorado Independent Publishers Association,
    • America – Land of Principles and Promises (Second Edition), the textbook used at the Heritage Academy to teach American history to 1877, and the play, Our Constitution and the Trial of Nicholas Throckmorton, based on a trial in London in 1554.
    • One of the founders of The Academy, the third charter school in Colorado (main campus at 118th and Lowell), where he served on the governing board for 14 years, 8 as Board Chairman.
    • Married, five children.
    • Vietnam Veteran, awarded a Bronze Star for Valor.
    • Master of Science degree in Mathematics, minor in Physics. Career in Computer Programming.
    • Distinguished Toastmaster, and Toastmaster of the Year for 2000-2001 for District 26 (Colorado, Wyoming, western Nebraska).

    This award winning book corrects many textbook errors and omissions while making sound contributions to historical scholarship–written after the author spent fourteen years on the governing board of a charter school and reviewing many textbooks. It contains a unique cross reference between the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and actions of the British king, royal governors, and Parliament.
    Winner of Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards, whose judges said, “This is the first history book I have enjoyed reading,” and “A well researched book and an eye-opener on many historical points.”

    Discover what other histories won’t tell you:
    Why the Declaration of Independence stood on a rock solid moral and legal foundation; rights of Americans under the colonial charters, the agreement between England and Virginia from 1651, and the English Bill of Rights; the corruption in the British Parliament of the late 1700s; who raised an army of white men to defend a group of Amerindians from other white men; why the real cause of the Sioux War of 1876 was not gold in the Black Hills; the truth about the War with Mexico: why Texas and Mexico claimed different boundaries and which, if either, had been honored; Lincoln’s prophetic warning; principles of free market economics from Adam Smith, Say and Bastiat; why Reagan’s approach to a deep recession worked, while Hoover’s and FDR’s did not; what textbooks get wrong about the Vietnam War; the truth about Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda; why your property may be at risk; the threat to your right to self defense; and much more.
    Information drawn from sources including Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Washington, Lincoln, Francis Parkman, Mark Brown, Thomas Fleming, Frederic Bastiat, George Sutherland, William Shirer, Walter Lord, J. Reuben Clark, Charles J. Kappler’s “Indian Treaties 1778-1883,” Howell’s “State Trials,” “U.S. Reports,” “Statutes At Large” (acts of Parliament), Francis Newton Thorpe’s “American Charters, Constitutions, and Organic Laws 1492-1908,” and the author’s original research.

  • The Left’s Lucrative Nonprofits

    ‘Powerful interests’ and ‘dark money’ are mostly on the Democratic side.

    By Kimberley A. Strassel

    Sept. 5, 2019 6:49 pm ET

    The Planned Parenthood Reproductive Health Services Center in St. Louis, Mo., May 30.PHOTO: SAUL LOEB/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

    This year’s Democratic presidential candidates have a favorite whipping boy: “powerful interests.” Get ready to hear again in coming weeks how the National Rifle Association rules Washington, how the Koch empire dominates politics, how the right is pouring “dark money” into its agenda. And then remember that these are among the biggest whoppers of the 2020 election. One side will do battle with the aid of a huge and savvy nonprofit political empire—and it isn’t the right. Though the sooner Republicans understand that, the better.

    A helpful tutorial arrived this week, “Power Grab,” a new book by Republican former Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah. Mr. Chaffetz has been digging into nonprofits since his time as House Oversight Committee chairman, and the book details how powerful the liberal nonprofit sector has grown. It may surprise many Americans—those who read daily stories about conservative “influence”—that the likes of the NRA, Judicial Watch and the National Organization for Marriage barely rank by comparison to the assets and revenue of Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union or the Nature Conservancy.

    These aren’t only big political players; they’re the biggest political players. In 2018 the nonprofit watchdog Capital Research Center analyzed grants handed out in the 2014 election year by six big foundations on the right (including the Bradley and Charles Koch foundations) versus six on the left (including the Open Society and Tides foundations). Liberal public-policy charities, organized under chapter 501(c)(3) of the tax code, bagged $7.4 billion of this foundation money in 2014. For conservative charities, the figure was a mere $2.2 billion. That $7.4 billion also dwarfed total 2013-14 campaign receipts to federal, state and local campaigns ($4.1 billion) and spending that cycle by independent groups ($830 million).

    Mr. Chaffetz’s contribution is to refocus attention on the way liberal charities channel their huge funds into political work that benefits the Democratic Party. We’ve long known that some of them engage in nominally nonpartisan voter registration, conveniently only in places likely to yield Democratic votes. The Chaffetz book adds new data highlighting contracts between liberal charities and overt political organizations.

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  • The Adams County Commission during a lengthy public hearing about strengthened oil and gas regulations on Monday, Sept. 3, 2019. (Amanda K. Clark, Special to The Colorado Sun)

    Adams County becomes first to enact stricter local oil and gas regulations since passage of new state law

    Commissioners adopt 1,000-foot residential setback rules, double the state’s mandate, in package of measures passed after 5 hours of public comment

  • What a story and background about Daniel Renshaw.  He’ll speak about Operation Red Wings, which was the basis for the movie, “Lone Survivor.”

    The August 10th NSRF meeting is at the Amazing Grace Community Church, 541 E. 99th Place in Thornton from 9:00am-11:00am.  Admission is $5 per person and includes a continental breakfast.

    Here is the biography of Daniel Renshaw:

    I became interested in finance when I was 16 years old taking accounting in high school. However, September 11th happened where I was a freshman so I had made up my mind to serve my country before pursuing college or any career inside the financial industry. I shipped off to be a Marine infantryman immediately after I graduated high school in 2004. During that time, I deployed to Afghanistan, where I took part in both the rescue mission for Operation Red Wings (the operation where Marcus Luttrell and the other Seals got ambushed, popularized in the book and film Lone Survivor.) and Operation Whalers, (the mission where we cornered and defeated the Seal team’s ambushers – Ahmad Shah and his army) where I earned a Navy and Marine Corps commendation medal with a combat distinguishing device. .

    My second deployment was to Haditha Iraq where I was shot by a sniper through the liver while on patrol. I was 20 years old at the time and lucky enough to survive the wound even after losing about four liters of blood. I was offered a medical retirement from my injury but opted instead to stay and finish my enlistment. I got an honorable discharge in 2008 and immediately started attending college. While attending college I met my wife, and in order to support her and the two children we have now, I ended up getting a job at the refinery here in Denver while I continued my education.

    After graduation,  I started my career here with Edward Jones where I continue to partner with people in order to help them achieve what it is that is most important to them. I am a registered Republican and continue to speak at city council meetings all over the front range in opposition of policies that will hurt or limit our economic growth.


  • Hear an insider’s view of Colorado from KNUS’ Chuck & Julie. They’re on the radio discussing Colorado current events, politics, and the world every afternoon from 1:00 pm-4:00 pm on 710AM, KNUS.
    You’ll be able to see them in person and ask questions this Saturday morning, June 8th from 9:00am-11:00am at Amazing Grace Community Church, 541 E. 99th Place in Thornton. Admission is $5 and includes a continental breakfast.
    You can listen to Chuck & Julie’s podcast anytime with the app or on the website, https://710knus.com/content/all/chuckandjulie.
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