• Just a reminder of our “official” kickoff this Saturday, June 20th at noon.

    Come and enjoy the best Carne Asada (in my opinion), made by our own chef and bus driver, Troy Valdez Jr.

    We will also have hamburgers, brats, and hot dogs.

    Come for the opportunity to meet and greet:

    • Congressional candidates Steve House (CD6)
    • Casper Stockham (CD7)
    • candidates running for county commissioner
    • candidates running for CU Regent
    • candidates running for the Colorado House of Representatives

    It’s time to gear up and fight to bring back individual, parental, religious, and constitutional rights.

    We can only do this together.

    Come join us for great fun and fellowship with like-minded individuals.

    I’m looking forward to seeing and meeting you this Saturday!

    Tony C.

    Tony Caputo for HD 32.


  • The 2020 Assembly:

    After a telephone town hall with State Chairman Ken Buck and Colorado GOP staff, at this time the 2020 Adams County Assembly will go on as scheduled.  We have ~150 delegates total, so we are well under the 250 person threshold for cancellation/prohibition as announced by Governor Polis earlier today.

    The State Legislature and the Colorado GOP are working to create contingencies if something arises that would prevent us from meeting at our scheduled place and time, but we do not expect that that will happen. Every delegate who provided us an email should already have received the call via that method; for those few who chose not to provide an email, physical copies were mailed the same day as email copies were sent. Those calls still stand at this time.

    So again:

    The Adams County Republican Assembly will held be on Saturday, March 21st as scheduled.
    Double Tree Castle Ballroom
    83 E. 120th Ave.
    Thornton, CO

    Registration 7:30 to 8:30
    Meeting 8:30

    We will be taking all the precautions possible to keep everyone free from any type of communicable sickness.

    According to the State GOP, the bylaws are being reviewed to accommodate any changes that may be made. At the present time the State Assembly in Broomfield, CO is on for April 18th.  As you know all plans are subject to change. We will keep you updated.

    For our part, we will do the following:

    • Have hand sanitizer in the entrances and throughout the Assembly.
    • Encourage no personal touching (handshakes, hugs)
    • Only disposable cups and utensils (coffee, water)

    For your part,

    • Please do not attend if you are sick, exhibiting flu-like symptoms, or are considered high-risk.
    • Encouraging those who cannot attend, for whatever reason, to exercise their right to be nominated to be a delegate to higher assembly or political office by another person physically present at the Assembly.

    Chairman Ken Buck and the staff at the State GOP office deeply appreciate the hours of hard work by everyone who has been preparing for the caucus and assemblies. We all want everyone to stay healthy and have a safe and successful assembly.

    Thank You All,

    JoAnn Windholz, Chairman
    Adams County Republicans

    Doug Woody
    Secretary, Adams County GOP

  • by: Joe St. George

    DENVER (KDVR) — The Colorado House of Representatives has advanced a proposal to repeal Columbus Day and replace it with Mother Cabrini Day in Colorado.

    Christopher Columbus in recent years has become controversial over his treatment of indigenous people. Over 10 states have already repealed the holiday.

    Mother Cabrini, a Catholic saint who set up orphanages in Colorado, would be honored with a holiday in October.

    To continue reading this story, please click (HERE):

  • Apr 11:   Karen Kataline/radio talk-show host

    Apr 18:  Colorado Republican State Assembly & Convention FirstBank Center/Broomfield

    Apr 25:  Adams County Republicans Lincoln/Reagan Dinner

    May 9:   Mandy Connell/radio talk show host

    Jun 13:  Laura Carno/FASTER Colorado

    Jun 30:  Colorado Primary election

  • The Colorado State Capitol Building on Jan. 19, 2019. (Eric Lubbers, The Colorado Sun)

    The lawmakers on the Joint Budget Committee will hear public testimony Monday on the spending bill for the next fiscal year

  • NOTE: CUT continues to be alarmed at the widespread abuse of the “safety clause” being unnecessarily added to legislation and has been opposing bills where such language is deemed inappropriate.


    CUT Membership Event

    2020 Legislative Kick-off
    Come learn what the Legislature will do to us this year!


    • Senate Minority Leader Chris Holbert
    • JBC Representative Kim Ransom


    Independence Institute Freedom Embassy

    727 East 16th Avenue, Denver, CO 80203

    (Free Parking)


    When: Thursday, January 16, 2020
    Registration: 7:00 a.m.

    Cost $10, Non-members; CUT Members No Charge

    (CUT annual membership $25:  Dues are due.)

    RSVP: 303-747-2159 or rsvp@coloradotaxpayer.org

    Colorado Union of Taxpayers, PO Box 1976, Lyons CO 80540

    Web Site: www.coloradotaxpayer.org



    Founded in 1976, the Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT) is Colorado’s longest-serving advocacy group for taxpayers, your financial support is always welcome.

    Visit www.coloradotaxpayer.org for archived reports.


    # # #


  • Only the Truth can keep us Free

    Too often we focus on short term issues. Meanwhile we are losing the younger generation to lies and indoctrination, and if we cannot deal with that, the future would seem rather bleak. That is a long term problem. Truth, particularly historical truth, and foundational principles, provide answers.

    Join the NSRF on Saturday, September 14th from 9:00am-11:00am.  Admission is $5 per person with a continental breakfast included.  We meet at Amazing Grace Community Church, 541 E 99th Place in Thornton.

    Philip W. Winkler

    • Author of America’s History Revealed – Keeping America Free, won two awards from Colorado Independent Publishers Association,
    • America – Land of Principles and Promises (Second Edition), the textbook used at the Heritage Academy to teach American history to 1877, and the play, Our Constitution and the Trial of Nicholas Throckmorton, based on a trial in London in 1554.
    • One of the founders of The Academy, the third charter school in Colorado (main campus at 118th and Lowell), where he served on the governing board for 14 years, 8 as Board Chairman.
    • Married, five children.
    • Vietnam Veteran, awarded a Bronze Star for Valor.
    • Master of Science degree in Mathematics, minor in Physics. Career in Computer Programming.
    • Distinguished Toastmaster, and Toastmaster of the Year for 2000-2001 for District 26 (Colorado, Wyoming, western Nebraska).

    This award winning book corrects many textbook errors and omissions while making sound contributions to historical scholarship–written after the author spent fourteen years on the governing board of a charter school and reviewing many textbooks. It contains a unique cross reference between the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and actions of the British king, royal governors, and Parliament.
    Winner of Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards, whose judges said, “This is the first history book I have enjoyed reading,” and “A well researched book and an eye-opener on many historical points.”

    Discover what other histories won’t tell you:
    Why the Declaration of Independence stood on a rock solid moral and legal foundation; rights of Americans under the colonial charters, the agreement between England and Virginia from 1651, and the English Bill of Rights; the corruption in the British Parliament of the late 1700s; who raised an army of white men to defend a group of Amerindians from other white men; why the real cause of the Sioux War of 1876 was not gold in the Black Hills; the truth about the War with Mexico: why Texas and Mexico claimed different boundaries and which, if either, had been honored; Lincoln’s prophetic warning; principles of free market economics from Adam Smith, Say and Bastiat; why Reagan’s approach to a deep recession worked, while Hoover’s and FDR’s did not; what textbooks get wrong about the Vietnam War; the truth about Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda; why your property may be at risk; the threat to your right to self defense; and much more.
    Information drawn from sources including Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Washington, Lincoln, Francis Parkman, Mark Brown, Thomas Fleming, Frederic Bastiat, George Sutherland, William Shirer, Walter Lord, J. Reuben Clark, Charles J. Kappler’s “Indian Treaties 1778-1883,” Howell’s “State Trials,” “U.S. Reports,” “Statutes At Large” (acts of Parliament), Francis Newton Thorpe’s “American Charters, Constitutions, and Organic Laws 1492-1908,” and the author’s original research.

  • Boulder lawmakers have introduced Senate Bill 19-181, anti-oil and gas legislation that could have devastating impacts for over 100,000 hard-working families in our industry. The bill sponsors failed to hold a legitimate stakeholder process, never showed industry trades the bill, mislead Coloradans about how our rules haven’t been updated in 60 years, and are holding the first hearing just one business day after the bill was introduced.

    The bill will be heard in the Senate Transportation & Energy Committee at 2:00 PM on Tuesday, March 5th in Senate Committee Room 357 (third floor of Capitol).

    The time to stand up for your job is NOW. Legislators need to hear our voices and see our faces. We can make a difference, but it will take all of us. Please take action using the steps below and share with friends and colleagues!

    1. Rally to protect our jobs. We are calling all members of industry to gather at the State Capitol at 12:00 PM on Tuesday before the committee hearing. Share the flyer and Facebook event with friends and colleagues.
    2. Testify in opposition to the bill. After the rally, industry members need to go inside the Capitol to testify in opposition to the bill. Legislators must hear your personal, passionate energy story. Check out these tips for testifying in a legislative committee hearing. Need to brush up on your facts? COGA’s fact sheets can help!
    3. Contact senators on the committee. Email and call the senators listed below, starting with the Democrats on the committee. Ask them to protect your job in this industry that is critical to Colorado’s economy.

    Sen. Faith Winter (D-Adams) Committee Chair

    • faith.winter.senate@state.co.us
    • 303-866-4863

    Sen. Brittany Pettersen (D-Jefferson) Committee Vice Chair

    • brittany.pettersen.senate@state.co.us
    • 303-866-4859

    Sen. Kerry Donovan (D-Eagle)

    • kerry.donovan.senate@state.co.us
    • 303-866-4871

    Sen. Mike Foote (D-Boulder)

    • mike.foote.senate@state.co.us
    • 303-866-5291

    Sen. Dennis Hisey (R-El Paso)

    • dennis.hisey.senate@state.co.us
    • 303-866-4877

    Sen. Kevin Priola (R-Adams)

    • kpriola@gmail.com
    • 303-866-4855

    Sen. Ray Scott (R-Mesa)

    • ray.scott.senate@state.co.us
    • 303-866-3077

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