• Trainings Brought To You
    American Majority is finding creative ways to bring you training in the coming weeks. We are kicking off our Webinar Series with Organizing for Victory by our National Executive Director Matt Batzel.Each week, we will bring you a webinar on a different topic to help prepare you to win in 2020.

    This week’s webinar will focus on what you can be doing NOW to get organized for your next election. Whether you are running for office or helping on a campaign, you need to prepare. This all starts with making a written plan for how you will achieve victory.

    If you have any questions or would like to suggest a training topic, email our team at Team@AmericanMajority.org.

    Matt Batzel
    American Majority
    National Executive Director

    PS:  For a complete list of our trainings, visit our website by clicking here.


    New Training Webinar Series

    Wednesday, March 18, 12pm Central Time –
    Topic: Organizing for Victory:
    Matt Bazel, National Executive Director


    Grassroots organizing does not happen by random chance. To do it successfully, you need a plan of action to get the people involved and motivated to keep coming back until the job is done. You need a ground game, you need to build your base and coalition, and you need more people than you think to make it all possible.

    Tuesday, March 24, 8pm Central/6pm Pacific –
    Topic:  Campaigning in a Crisis: How to be the leader your community needs and how to campaign effectively
    Jennifer DeJournett, Minnesota Executive Director


    When the world around you is uncertain it is never more important to be the leader your community needs. Candidates, elected leaders and grassroots leaders are out in their communities and speak directly to people on a daily basis.  This training will help you rework your campaign to fit the needs of your community and help you be an influence of good for your friends, neighbors and the people you seek to serve.

    Wednesday, April 1, 12pm Central Time – 
    Topic:  CIAD Slice, Campaign in a Day Slice
    Scott Ellis, Wisconsin Campus Director


    Campaign-In-A-Day Slice webinar is designed to give you a glimpse into the full hands-on learning American Majority event. Campaign-In-A-Day is an interactive, rigorous, and team building training by American Majority, and this webinar will walk through what a full-day event looks like.


    Running for office?
    Let us know by emailing our team!
    Email:  Team@AmericanMajority.orgDid you know that American Majority offers personalized candidate trainings?  American Majority trains candidates, teams and volunteers on how to run effective, winning campaigns!

    Past American Majority trainees have run for their local School Boards, Park Boards, City Councils, County Commissioners, State House and Senate seats as well as for U.S. Congress. We also have trained individuals that have gone on to work and volunteer on various campaigns, advocacy and grassroots organizations.

    We host trainings on fundraising, vote goal setting, effective advocacy, volunteer recruitment and engagement, campaign messaging, strategic planning, campaign manager training and much, much more.  

    At the end of our trainings, you will be prepared to build a campaign plan to win your race.   

    Stay tuned for more details and we hope to see you at a training near you!  To request a training, email our  team at Team@AmericanMajority.org.



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  • The 2020 Assembly:

    After a telephone town hall with State Chairman Ken Buck and Colorado GOP staff, at this time the 2020 Adams County Assembly will go on as scheduled.  We have ~150 delegates total, so we are well under the 250 person threshold for cancellation/prohibition as announced by Governor Polis earlier today.

    The State Legislature and the Colorado GOP are working to create contingencies if something arises that would prevent us from meeting at our scheduled place and time, but we do not expect that that will happen. Every delegate who provided us an email should already have received the call via that method; for those few who chose not to provide an email, physical copies were mailed the same day as email copies were sent. Those calls still stand at this time.

    So again:

    The Adams County Republican Assembly will held be on Saturday, March 21st as scheduled.
    Double Tree Castle Ballroom
    83 E. 120th Ave.
    Thornton, CO

    Registration 7:30 to 8:30
    Meeting 8:30

    We will be taking all the precautions possible to keep everyone free from any type of communicable sickness.

    According to the State GOP, the bylaws are being reviewed to accommodate any changes that may be made. At the present time the State Assembly in Broomfield, CO is on for April 18th.  As you know all plans are subject to change. We will keep you updated.

    For our part, we will do the following:

    • Have hand sanitizer in the entrances and throughout the Assembly.
    • Encourage no personal touching (handshakes, hugs)
    • Only disposable cups and utensils (coffee, water)

    For your part,

    • Please do not attend if you are sick, exhibiting flu-like symptoms, or are considered high-risk.
    • Encouraging those who cannot attend, for whatever reason, to exercise their right to be nominated to be a delegate to higher assembly or political office by another person physically present at the Assembly.

    Chairman Ken Buck and the staff at the State GOP office deeply appreciate the hours of hard work by everyone who has been preparing for the caucus and assemblies. We all want everyone to stay healthy and have a safe and successful assembly.

    Thank You All,

    JoAnn Windholz, Chairman
    Adams County Republicans

    Doug Woody
    Secretary, Adams County GOP

  • Due to coronovirus concerns, we are canceling Saturday’s NSRF meeting with Michael Fields. We hope to reschedule him for another time. Stay safe NSRF members .

    Who is Colorado Rising Action?
    What do they do?
    What’s the difference between a “Tax” and a “Fee”?

    You might be surprised.
    Michael Fields will explain.
    He also helped Colorado defeat Proposition CC, which preserved your TABOR rights & refunds.

    Join us this Saturday morning, March 14th, from 9:00am-11:00am at the Amazing Grace Community Church, 541 E 99th Place in Thornton.

    Admission is $5 and includes a continental breakfast.


    Holding Colorado Liberals and their special interest groups Accountable.

    Michael Fields on Cory Gardner & President Trump in 2020

    Michael Fields talks about Cory Gardner and what he’ll face this year on Colorado Inside Out.

    Bernie Sanders’ Agenda Will Put 90,000 Coloradans Out of Work

    At a rally in Colorado, Bernie Sanders’ discussed his anti-energy agenda which would put 90,000 Coloradans out of work.


    Colorado Rising Action is focused on holding liberal groups and their special interest networks accountable and advancing conservative principles. We’re fighting for limited government, lowering taxes, fighting government over-regulation that stifles freedom, free enterprise, a strong national security, and shaping the public policy debate in the Centennial State.

    Colorado Rising Action is a 501(c)(4) organization focused on holding liberal groups and their special interest networks accountable and advancing conservative principles. We’re fighting for limited government, lowering taxes, fighting government over-regulation that stifles freedom, affordable and accessible health care, free enterprise, and a strong national security.

    We hold liberal groups and their special interest networks accountable, fact-check left-wing politicians whose policies would push our nation in the wrong direction, and ensure citizens have the most accurate, up-to-date information to drive a balanced policy conversation on national issues.

    Here’s how we do it:

    We have eyes and ears on the ground in Colorado tracking liberal special interest groups and candidates for federal office.

    Not only are we keeping track of what left-wing politicians are saying now, we also keep a fact-checking record and hold politicians accountable.

    Rapid Response. Timing is everything. We’ll be communicating in real time with reporters and directly with Coloradans with the latest and more relevant information.

    Michael Fields

    Executive Director

    Michael was previously the Senior Director of Issue Education for Americans For Prosperity (AFP), and State Director of AFP Colorado. He brings years of educational, legislative, grassroots organizing, and nonprofit experience. He has also served as a policy aide at the Colorado State House, press aide for the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions, and taught both elementary and middle school in Aurora. Michael graduated from Valparaiso University and earned his J.D. from University of Colorado – Boulder. He and his wife, Mele, and their three children live in Parker.

    Lindsey Singer

    Communications Director

    Lindsey grew up in Boulder and has 10 years of communications and public relations experience, and has worked for nonprofit organizations, diplomatic office, and political offices on the local, state and federal levels. Prior to joining Colorado Rising Action, Lindsey was the communications director for the Montana Legislature’s Republican leadership, working directly under the Speaker of the House. She also served as the state press secretary for Montana’s U.S. Senator Steve Daines. Lindsey attended the University of Colorado – Boulder and Quinnipiac University. She lives in Highlands Ranch with her fiance.


  • Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper turns in his signatures to secure his spot in the 2020 U.S. Senate Democratic primary on Feb. 19, 2020. (Jesse Paul, The Colorado Sun)

    What you need to know about Saturday’s Colorado caucuses, where Hickenlooper faces test in U.S. Senate race

    The caucuses are how Colorado candidates can qualify for the ballot, and offer an indication of party enthusiasm ahead of November


  • Normally when I publish content online, I focus on the world of work. I hope you’ll forgive this brief departure, but I think that those of us on the left need to take a long look in the mirror and have an honest conversation about what’s going on.

    If you had told me 3 years ago that I would ever attend a Donald Trump rally, I would have laughed while assuring you that was never going to happen. Heck, if you had told me I would do it 3 months ago, I probably would have done the same thing. So, how did I find myself among 11,000+ Trump supporters in Manchester NH? Believe it or not, it all started with knitting.

    You might not think of the knitting world as a particularly political community, but you’d be wrong. Many knitters are particularly active in social justice communities and love to discuss the revolutionary role that knitters have played in our culture.

    As a casual knitter, I never really paid attention to this. I knit as a way to relax and escape the drama of real life, not to further engage with it, but for anyone who is active in the knitting world on Instagram, it became almost impossible to avoid it. It started about a year ago when roving gangs of online social justice warriors started going after anyone who was not lockstep in their ideology. People were bullied and mobbed by hundreds of people for such offenses as publishing an article expressing excitement about going on a trip to India, posting a video saying they were leaving IG because they were uncomfortable, and posting a poem asking for kindness. Katherine Jepsen Moore has documented the full stories extensively and the BBC recently covered it as well.

    I started paying attention after one man who was attacked got mobbed so badly that he had a nervous breakdown and was admitted to the hospital on suicide watch. There was something that was not right (well, so many things really) and it witnessing the vitriol coming from those who I had aligned myself with politically was a massive wake up call.

    You see, I was one of those Democrats who considered anyone who voted for Trump a racist. I thought they were horrible (yes, even deplorable) and had worked very hard to eliminate their voices from my spaces by unfriending or blocking people who spoke about their support of him, however minor their comments. I watched a lot of MSNBC, was convinced that everything he had done was horrible, that he hated anyone that wasn’t a straight, white man, and that he had no redeeming qualities.

    But when I witnessed the amount of hate coming from the left in this small, niche knitting community, I started to question everything. I started making a proactive effort to break my echo chamber by listening to voices I thought I would disagree with. I wanted to understand their perspective, believing it would confirm that they were filled with hate for anyone that wasn’t like them.

  • South Bend is no model economy, but its former mayor once recognized the value of markets.

    Americans who treasure their lives and their liberty can only hope that communism will remain a dirty word. Freedom-loving voters have noticed that even as a relative moderate in the current Democratic field, Mr. Buttigieg is backing multi-trillion-dollar tax increases, the creation of a new government-run health plan, the end of the Electoral College and a restructuring of the Supreme Court among other “progressive” changes.
  • They’re increasingly rigid and orthodox, even as Republicans have shown a new flexibility.

    Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer at the debate in Manchester, N.H., Feb. 7.


    The Democrats have turned religious. Not in the sense that they espouse a belief in an omnipotent and benevolent Creator or eternal and universal moral principles. They are religious in the sense that they hold dogmatic beliefs that are impervious to contradiction by logic, evidence or experience, and cultivate a moral superiority toward unbelievers. The party that loudly prides itself on tolerance and diversity is increasingly intolerant in at least three areas.

    First, Democrats have moved beyond traditional environmentalism, with its emphasis on regulation, technological innovation and market incentives to achieve incremental progress, toward a radical vision grounded in an unshakable belief in climate apocalypse. Both parties once cooperated to protect endangered species and clean the air, water and soil. Today’s Democrats demand bans on fracking and new oil and gas leases on federal lands, and endorse the elimination of all fossil fuels and decarbonization of the economy in unrealistic time frames. Rather than aspirational moonshots, intended to inspire the public and private sectors to work together, Democrats use these impossible goals as rationales for completely restructuring how Americans live, work, commute and even eat.

    To continue reading this story, please click (HERE):

  • The March 3 contest will be Colorado’s first presidential primary election in 20 years

    PUBLISHED ON FEB 10, 2020 4:00AM MST Jesse Paul@jesseapaul

    The Colorado Sun — jesse@coloradosun.com

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    County clerks across Colorado can begin sending 2020 presidential primary ballots to the state’s 3.9 million registered voters on Monday.

    Voters have until 7 p.m. on March 3, deemed Super Tuesday because so many state primaries fall on that day, to return their ballots.

    This will be Colorado’s first presidential primary in 20 years after voters decided in 2016, through Proposition 107, to do away with the caucus system for picking parties’ presidential nominees.

    Here’s what you need to know about voting in the upcoming election:

    Please click (HERE) to continue reading the rest of the story:

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