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FILE – In this March 4, 2021, file photo a syringe of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is shown at a drive-up mass vaccination site in Puyallup, Wash., south of Seattle.

After a marathon eight-hour hearing, a House panel rejected a GOP bill seeking to ban employers in Colorado from mandating a COVID-19 vaccine.

Rep. Kim Ransom, a Littleton Republican who is sponsoring House Bill 21-1191 along with Rep. Tonya Van Beber of Eaton, pitched her legislation as an effort “to address equity under the law and anti-discrimination.”

“Federal and Colorado state governments have stated they currently will not impose vaccination mandates or certificates, however, if HB 1191 does not pass, we therefore allow and even encourage private business to implement and enforce such mandates,” Ransom said. “We would be, in essence, voting for discrimination.”

Van Beber, meanwhile, indicated the bill was not an effort to question the efficacy of vaccines, the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic or promote anti-vaccine sentiments. Instead, she couched the bill as a matter of law.

“Our rights and access are granted by the constitution; they are not granted to us by receiving a medical procedure,” she said. “Anything less really doesn’t honor equity, inclusivity and diversity.”

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