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    American Majority is finding creative ways to bring you training in the coming weeks. We are kicking off our Webinar Series with Organizing for Victory by our National Executive Director Matt Batzel.Each week, we will bring you a webinar on a different topic to help prepare you to win in 2020.

    This week’s webinar will focus on what you can be doing NOW to get organized for your next election. Whether you are running for office or helping on a campaign, you need to prepare. This all starts with making a written plan for how you will achieve victory.

    If you have any questions or would like to suggest a training topic, email our team at Team@AmericanMajority.org.

    Matt Batzel
    American Majority
    National Executive Director

    PS:  For a complete list of our trainings, visit our website by clicking here.


    New Training Webinar Series

    Wednesday, March 18, 12pm Central Time –
    Topic: Organizing for Victory:
    Matt Bazel, National Executive Director


    Grassroots organizing does not happen by random chance. To do it successfully, you need a plan of action to get the people involved and motivated to keep coming back until the job is done. You need a ground game, you need to build your base and coalition, and you need more people than you think to make it all possible.

    Tuesday, March 24, 8pm Central/6pm Pacific –
    Topic:  Campaigning in a Crisis: How to be the leader your community needs and how to campaign effectively
    Jennifer DeJournett, Minnesota Executive Director


    When the world around you is uncertain it is never more important to be the leader your community needs. Candidates, elected leaders and grassroots leaders are out in their communities and speak directly to people on a daily basis.  This training will help you rework your campaign to fit the needs of your community and help you be an influence of good for your friends, neighbors and the people you seek to serve.

    Wednesday, April 1, 12pm Central Time – 
    Topic:  CIAD Slice, Campaign in a Day Slice
    Scott Ellis, Wisconsin Campus Director


    Campaign-In-A-Day Slice webinar is designed to give you a glimpse into the full hands-on learning American Majority event. Campaign-In-A-Day is an interactive, rigorous, and team building training by American Majority, and this webinar will walk through what a full-day event looks like.


    Running for office?
    Let us know by emailing our team!
    Email:  Team@AmericanMajority.orgDid you know that American Majority offers personalized candidate trainings?  American Majority trains candidates, teams and volunteers on how to run effective, winning campaigns!

    Past American Majority trainees have run for their local School Boards, Park Boards, City Councils, County Commissioners, State House and Senate seats as well as for U.S. Congress. We also have trained individuals that have gone on to work and volunteer on various campaigns, advocacy and grassroots organizations.

    We host trainings on fundraising, vote goal setting, effective advocacy, volunteer recruitment and engagement, campaign messaging, strategic planning, campaign manager training and much, much more.  

    At the end of our trainings, you will be prepared to build a campaign plan to win your race.   

    Stay tuned for more details and we hope to see you at a training near you!  To request a training, email our  team at Team@AmericanMajority.org.



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