• By Kelly Sloan

    Jan 23, 2020


    Kelly Sloan

    The impeachment trial is underway, and politics being what it is, the outcome is fairly well established. Still, these things don’t happen very often (though at this rate I estimate impeachment proceedings could become annual events within a generation). So, there are some ancillary areas to comment on, such as the overwrought political nature of the show, one effect of which is Colorado attracting a bit of attention in the drama.

    The main reason for this, of course, is first-term Colorado U.S. Rep. Jason Crow being named as one of the seven House impeachment managers charged with making the case against the president in the Senate trial. Why, one wonders, was Crow among the anointed few? It wasn’t due to his long legislative tenure; he is barely into his second year as congressman. The argument could be made that he is a capable attorney — he is — but it is not as though the U.S. Congress is lacking for attorneys. No, it likely had more to do with his hailing from a swing district in a swing state which the Democrats desire to hang onto than with his prosecutorial skills.

    Crow is dutifully playing his part. For the last few days he has chimed in with other Democrats about how “unfair” the proceedings are under Senate Majority Leader. Mitch McConnell, who is in charge of D-Day arrangements. Among the chief complaints is the accelerated nature of the trial schedule, which as amended allows 24 hours over three days to each side for opening arguments. Granted, given the standard congressional pace that could be considered positively supersonic. But unfair? As Rich Lowry pointed out in National Review, both sides are allotted equal time to present their opening statements, and the senator-jurors are allowed plenty of time to ask questions.

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