• Only the Truth can keep us Free

    Too often we focus on short term issues. Meanwhile we are losing the younger generation to lies and indoctrination, and if we cannot deal with that, the future would seem rather bleak. That is a long term problem. Truth, particularly historical truth, and foundational principles, provide answers.

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    Philip W. Winkler

    • Author of America’s History Revealed – Keeping America Free, won two awards from Colorado Independent Publishers Association,
    • America – Land of Principles and Promises (Second Edition), the textbook used at the Heritage Academy to teach American history to 1877, and the play, Our Constitution and the Trial of Nicholas Throckmorton, based on a trial in London in 1554.
    • One of the founders of The Academy, the third charter school in Colorado (main campus at 118th and Lowell), where he served on the governing board for 14 years, 8 as Board Chairman.
    • Married, five children.
    • Vietnam Veteran, awarded a Bronze Star for Valor.
    • Master of Science degree in Mathematics, minor in Physics. Career in Computer Programming.
    • Distinguished Toastmaster, and Toastmaster of the Year for 2000-2001 for District 26 (Colorado, Wyoming, western Nebraska).

    This award winning book corrects many textbook errors and omissions while making sound contributions to historical scholarship–written after the author spent fourteen years on the governing board of a charter school and reviewing many textbooks. It contains a unique cross reference between the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and actions of the British king, royal governors, and Parliament.
    Winner of Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards, whose judges said, “This is the first history book I have enjoyed reading,” and “A well researched book and an eye-opener on many historical points.”

    Discover what other histories won’t tell you:
    Why the Declaration of Independence stood on a rock solid moral and legal foundation; rights of Americans under the colonial charters, the agreement between England and Virginia from 1651, and the English Bill of Rights; the corruption in the British Parliament of the late 1700s; who raised an army of white men to defend a group of Amerindians from other white men; why the real cause of the Sioux War of 1876 was not gold in the Black Hills; the truth about the War with Mexico: why Texas and Mexico claimed different boundaries and which, if either, had been honored; Lincoln’s prophetic warning; principles of free market economics from Adam Smith, Say and Bastiat; why Reagan’s approach to a deep recession worked, while Hoover’s and FDR’s did not; what textbooks get wrong about the Vietnam War; the truth about Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda; why your property may be at risk; the threat to your right to self defense; and much more.
    Information drawn from sources including Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Washington, Lincoln, Francis Parkman, Mark Brown, Thomas Fleming, Frederic Bastiat, George Sutherland, William Shirer, Walter Lord, J. Reuben Clark, Charles J. Kappler’s “Indian Treaties 1778-1883,” Howell’s “State Trials,” “U.S. Reports,” “Statutes At Large” (acts of Parliament), Francis Newton Thorpe’s “American Charters, Constitutions, and Organic Laws 1492-1908,” and the author’s original research.

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