• Boulder lawmakers have introduced Senate Bill 19-181, anti-oil and gas legislation that could have devastating impacts for over 100,000 hard-working families in our industry. The bill sponsors failed to hold a legitimate stakeholder process, never showed industry trades the bill, mislead Coloradans about how our rules haven’t been updated in 60 years, and are holding the first hearing just one business day after the bill was introduced.

    The bill will be heard in the Senate Transportation & Energy Committee at 2:00 PM on Tuesday, March 5th in Senate Committee Room 357 (third floor of Capitol).

    The time to stand up for your job is NOW. Legislators need to hear our voices and see our faces. We can make a difference, but it will take all of us. Please take action using the steps below and share with friends and colleagues!

    1. Rally to protect our jobs. We are calling all members of industry to gather at the State Capitol at 12:00 PM on Tuesday before the committee hearing. Share the flyer and Facebook event with friends and colleagues.
    2. Testify in opposition to the bill. After the rally, industry members need to go inside the Capitol to testify in opposition to the bill. Legislators must hear your personal, passionate energy story. Check out these tips for testifying in a legislative committee hearing. Need to brush up on your facts? COGA’s fact sheets can help!
    3. Contact senators on the committee. Email and call the senators listed below, starting with the Democrats on the committee. Ask them to protect your job in this industry that is critical to Colorado’s economy.

    Sen. Faith Winter (D-Adams) Committee Chair

    • faith.winter.senate@state.co.us
    • 303-866-4863

    Sen. Brittany Pettersen (D-Jefferson) Committee Vice Chair

    • brittany.pettersen.senate@state.co.us
    • 303-866-4859

    Sen. Kerry Donovan (D-Eagle)

    • kerry.donovan.senate@state.co.us
    • 303-866-4871

    Sen. Mike Foote (D-Boulder)

    • mike.foote.senate@state.co.us
    • 303-866-5291

    Sen. Dennis Hisey (R-El Paso)

    • dennis.hisey.senate@state.co.us
    • 303-866-4877

    Sen. Kevin Priola (R-Adams)

    • kpriola@gmail.com
    • 303-866-4855

    Sen. Ray Scott (R-Mesa)

    • ray.scott.senate@state.co.us
    • 303-866-3077

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