• Question: Does everyone here understand the stakes in this election?Hillary like father, like daughter

    No, not for us—for the Democrats. Do we really understand what’s at stake for them? Do we understand their goals here? Do we? Really?

    As you know, I was raised amongst Leftist Academia, so let me make CRYSTAL CLEAR what they have in mind, should Hillary win this election:

    • Locking up a Supreme Court with hard-left activists the rest of our lives, they’ll move quickly to make Christianity functionally illegal in every sector. It’s their greatest wish.

    CHRISTIANS, think of that when you look at your children.

    • Unlike Trump’s “softened” stance allowing non-violent immigrants to stay without citizenship, Hillary will effectively eliminate our borders and move swiftly to provide full citizenship across the board—REAL amnesty. This will add 15-20 million new Democrat voters, creating a One-Party System.

    3rd PARTY PEOPLE, think of that when you talk of crushing the Two-Party System.

    (Incidentally, I’d love more than 2 viable parties, but the Democrats are too large)

    • Abortion will be tax-funded up to the day of birth for the remainder of our lives. Period. Before long, all organized protests against it will be deemed “dangerous” to the well-being of women.

    PRO-LIFERS, think of that when worrying about Trump being “too compromising” for your vote.

    • The coal industry will die, with oil next in the line of fire from fully empowered enviro-zealots. Something akin to Kyoto will be signed, placing US energy policy under foreign control.

    ALL CARING HUMANS, think of that when you see millions of good people out of work.

    • With an eternally radical Left court, every frivolous lawsuit brought against Conservative businesses will sail to victory, as Sotomayors and Kagans in black robes unleash their full fury of bias.

    CONSTITUTIONALISTS, think of this the next time you worry over Trump’s alleged openness to intrusive government. He’s not in the same universe as Hillary—or the radicals supporting her.

    I could go on, as this is just the tippy-tip of the iceberg toward which we are steering. For the Left comprising that iceberg, they won’t be happy until our ship goes down and we drown in freezing water. I MEAN THAT. I know them. Their hate truly knows no bounds.

    I know many of you think, “We’ve heard these scare tactics before—all to make us settle for the lesser of evils! Look where that got us! Well, no more we say! We’re voting our conscience!”

    But my friends, I truly want you to vote your conscience—your FULL conscience. I want you to consider the full consequences of stepping aside for a Hillary presidency. I want you fully warned of what happens when the Left votes strategically, while we vote our principles devoid of strategy—which honestly, isn’t principled at all.

    For many of you, Donald Trump seems like a violation of conscience. Fair enough. But conscience isn’t some internal purity test that ceases to weigh all factors. Conscience is your God-given knowledge of right and wrong, measuring all outcomes for degrees of good and evil.

    And there is no way our conscience can tout “Principle!” while looking away from Christian children, an impending One-Party System, eternally tax-funded genocide against the unborn, unemployed coal miners unable to feed their families, or businesses like Hobby Lobby rendered helpless before enemy courts and salivating activists.

    Again, I WANT YOU TO VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE—but true conscience weighs everything at stake. True conscience accepts a very flawed king—like David—over a much worse king—like Saul. True conscience weighs not just our internal, idealistic standards, but all the people affected by our choices.

    I know most of you weren’t raised by the Left. As such, my warnings may sound exaggerated, smacking of conspiracy. But my fellow Liberty Warriors, if anything, I’m understating their goals. You truly have no idea how deeply they despise this nation. You just don’t know, and I lack the mastery of our language to convey it.

    Just know this. For Democrat activists, EVERYTHING IS AT STAKE. And it should be for us as well.

    Andrew Lloyd Peth

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