• A fourth measure has qualified to be on Colorado’s November election ballot, this one to make it harder to amend the state Constitution.

    Secretary of State Wayne Williams announced that backers of the so-called “Raise the Bar” measure had submitted sufficient signatures to put the measure before voters this November.

    Initiative No. 96 would require that any petition for a citizen-initiated constitutional amendment be signed by at least 2 percent of the registered electors in each of the 35 state Senate districts. now such requirement exists now.

    Also, the percentage of votes to pass any proposed constitutional amendment would be increased from a simple majority to at least 55 percent of the votes cast, unless the proposed amendment seeks only to repeal an existing constitutional provision.

    Colorado’s Constitution is one of the most lengthy in the United States, with 150 amendments, compared to the U.S. Constitution, which has 27 amendments. Backers of the initiative say it’s currently too easy to amend the Constitution, sometimes leading to conflicting directives.

    The Raise the Bar measure has the backing of many business groups around the state and Gov. John Hickenlooper.

    It takes 98,492 signatures from registered voters to get a measure onto the 2016 election ballot. Raise the Bar proponents collected an estimated 127,054 valid signatures based on a sampling of the more than 187,000 signatures turned in.

    So far, three other citizen initiatives have qualified for the ballot:

    • ColoradoCare, which establishes a statewide single payer health care system;
    • A proposal to raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour in the state;
    • And a measure allowing doctors to prescribe drugs to terminally ill people wanting to end their own lives.

    Signatures on other measure are still being tallied, including two initiatives to restrain oil and gas operations, one to create a state presidential primary, and one to allow non-affiliated voters to take part in primaries.

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