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    Team Trump,
    Please use the following talking points when discussing the news of today.

    Polling Bounce After Trump’s Well-Received Convention Speech

    • After the successful Republican National Convention, and a well-received acceptance speech from Trump. Trump has experienced a positive bounce in the latest polls leading Clinton by 4 or 5 points in most.
      In the CNN/ORC poll, Trump has taken a 3 point lead in the head to head matchup 48-45, and a 5 point lead in the 4 way matchup 44-39. This is the first post-convention bounce in CNN’s polling since 2000.
      The Morning Consult has Trump up 44- 40, with the Republican Party consolidating around the nominee. A 6 point swing from before the convention.
      And the latest LA Times/USC tracking poll has seen a 4 point swing with Trump now leading 45-41.
    • Dems In Disarray, DWS Steps Down After Rigging System
      NEW IN WIKILEAKS STORY: DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has resigned from her position, and will take a job with the Clinton campaign running their 50 state ground operation. A handsome reward for delivering Clinton the nomination.
    • The Democrat National Convention kicks off today in complete disarray as the party is without a chair with DWS stepping down.
      The division among Sanders and Clinton supporters are boiling over, as protestors have swarmed Philadelphia to protest the rigging of the system and delivering Clinton the nomination.
      The emails show DNC officials working to provide surrogates attacks to use on Sanders, including attacking his Jewish faith.
      DWS has done the right thing by stepping down after exposing her organization to foreign hackers, it is only right that Clinton do the same and back out of the race after exposing classified material to the same.
    • Russia Conspiracy Pushback
      The Clinton campaign’s latest spin is to say the Kremlin is actively promoting the Trump campaign by releasing the emails, an absurd claim.
      The DNC and its staffers wrote the emails. The hackers just found them. If DWS and the DNC had allowed a fair race between Sanders and Clinton to occur there would have been nothing to hack.
      The Clinton and Dems are upset they have been caught redhanded rigging the system for the D.C. establishment and are willing to throw out any crazy idea to shift the narrative.
      The Clinton’s remain the only family in this race who have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from Russian oligarchs, while sitting on boards that allowed American uranium to be sold to the Russians.
    • Top-line Talking Points On Tim Kaine
      Clinton’s pick of Tim Kaine to be her running mate shows just how out of touch she is with the American public and her own party.
      Tim Kaine has a history of using his political position to receive gifts from donors with business before his state, right in line with Hillary’s pay to play philosophy.
    • Kaine even protected and promoted the rigged super delegate system that guaranteed Clinton’s win in the primary, as chair of the DNC.
      Clinton’s pick is protégé of herself, pro-Wall Street, pro-TPP, ethically questionable. It is not a shock that she wants to ensure her presidency continues to embrace these policies if she has to leave the Oval Office.

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