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    Voter registration laws vary wildly by state. If you’ve recently moved or come of age and need help figuring out how and where to vote, try asking Google Now.

    With the Republican National Convention behind us and the Democratic National Convention this week, each party’s nominees will be officially official and campaigning will soon ramp up.

    No matter your personal views or opinions on this election’s selection of candidates, US citizens have a civic duty to head to the polls on election day, November 8, and place your vote for America’s next president.

    In most states, in order to do that, you must first register to vote roughly 30 days prior to election day. However, voting laws vary by state, which can make things a bit confusing, especially if you’ve recently changed residency or have never registered to vote before.
    Google Now Register to Vote




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    As Lifehacker points out, Google helps make the registration process easier by providing an information card that clearly explains and breaks down the voter registration laws and processes by state.

    To find out how you can register to vote, click here or open Google Now or Google Search on your phone and say, “How to register to vote.”

    In the drop-down menu, select your state and follow the instructions. In most cases, you will need to download or request a form by mail, and fill it out and return the form by email, fax, mail or in person by your state’s deadline. Some states also allow online voter registration with a valid ID.
    At the very bottom of the How To tab, you will find a link to your state’s voter registration database, if applicable. There, you can search to check the status of your registration and see if it’s current, as well as find your polling location.

    If you’re positive you’re already registered, you can also check your polling location using this f*&%ing tool.

    The Requirements tab will show the criteria you first need to meet before you are eligible to vote in each state. And finally, the Deadline tab shows you, by state, when you need to have the proper forms turned in.


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