• I just posted my newest editorial on my blog. If you never have read any of my editorials or never do in the future. please read and share this one. It is too important not to. Thank you. Don Bendell

    GUEST EDITORIAL by Don Bendell
    This is probably the most important editorial I have ever written. In 1968, I was a young gung ho US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) first lieutenant serving on a 12-man A-Team in South Vietnam’s rugged mountainous Central Highlands region. We needed human intelligence desperately at the time, but we were going through a period where North Vietnamese Army soldiers (NVA) were committing suicide rather than be captured by us (Green Berets). We learned they were being told over and over to do so, because their officers told them that we were the nastiest, toughest, most sadistic soldiers in Vietnam and would subject them to the most painful horrible tortures imaginable.

    One of my buddies, at a sister A-camp, captured a North Vietnamese sergeant who was almost hysterical with fear and trembling with uncontrollable shivering he was so terrified. My pal immediately gave him a steak dinner, Jack Daniels whiskey, had team members teach him how to play poker and get him drunk, and they let him win with money they staked him. Then, my friend and another team-mate flew the NVA POW to Kontum, still in his NVA uniform; but proudly and drunkenly wearing a US Army Green Beret on his head, and took him directly to a brothel where they paid for two prostitutes to show this enemy prisoner a wonderful time.

    After that and a night’s rest and shower, he ended up giving some of the most accurate and detailed enemy intelligence information the 5th Special Forces Group had received in months. He spilled his guts, as he also eliminated his total relief at not being brutalized by this dreaded enemy. The man ended up learning to speak English very well and became a very courageous, well-paid, and loyal interpreter for the very Green Berets he had so long feared.

    By the same regard, those of you who were so fiercely loyal to Senator Ted Cruz and his campaign and Governor John Kasich and his campaign, it is now time to put away the oft-times, truth-inspired, but many times embellished rumor-borne fears about GOP front runner Donald Trump and jump on the GOP bandwagon, even if you have to hold your nose while doing so.

    There are actually many wonderful and honest stories about Donald Trump, which clearly shows he has been totally mislabeled by partisan and personal attacks. For example, Donald Trump is one of the least racist white guys that folks of color will ever encounter. There are many numerous first-hand reports detailing this, and you only need to search them on the web, or search for his many random acts of generosity and caring, also on the web.

    Never Trumpers, even some conservative national pundits, refuse to support him, and often say he is no better than Hillary and just as liberal, but that is simply not true. Here is a clip of Donald Trump on Oprah 38 years ago saying many of the things he espouses now, and she asked him then if he would run for President, and he said he could not rule it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEPs17_AkTI. Bear in mind, those who claim he always flip-flops, this clip is 38 years old but could have been actually taped last week.

    I cannot tell you how disappointed I am that the entire Bush family, none of whom would ever have been elected and put into the positions of fame and power they were blessed with, without a great number of republican supporters backing them although they did not exactly embrace their politics to say the least. Some even held their noses then, too. Now, because baby brother got attacked in the political arena they withhold their support, something they hated when they ran. Instead of polishing an honorable family legacy of conservatism and patriotism, they tarnish their legacy and want to help hand the election to Hillary Clinton of all people by their untimely withdrawal.

    The fact is, for most of his life, Donald Trump has been neither democrat or conservative but has been a prudent businessman. Detractors during the primaries would talk about his going bankrupt four times, but it was actually Chapter 11 where debts were restructured by the court, but creditors were paid back. Other detractors have scoffed saying Trump got one million dollars from rich daddy to start out adult life, but he actually paid that back to his dad, and turned that one million loan into a current net worth estimated between five billion and ten billion dollars. He ain’t stupid.

    Is he a hard-line conservative? Probably not, because he creates his own lines, and has in the past supported liberal issues. However, always a survivor and chameleon, he changed for the sake of the party-politic. He is a maverick bucking and changing the system as he goes, and that endears people to him.

    He is not a professional politician and is not bound by traditional conservative mantra. Trump, sometimes crudely and seldom humbly, tells it like it is, which is one of the biggest reasons so many people love him. No rehearsed talking points. He thinks and acts outside the box, not beholding to any lobbyist or parties.

    And the man wins, and unlike Hillary, he has our defense department’s back. I enlisted and volunteered to serve in South Vietnam and trust me, in 1968 and 1969, I earned my Combat Infantryman’s Badge. I have sons in the same position now, and if I DO NOT have a problem with Donald Trump being Commander-In-Chief of our military, you really SHOULD NOT either.

    Because he is a winning businessman, he will surround himself with experts and will back them. He Is the Gary Cooper character in High Noon against the bad guys and the cowardly citizenry who turned their backs on him. He is the rebellious American hero who takes on all comers while laughing at impossible odds. That is why I predict Donald Trump will win over Hillary Clinton by the biggest political landslide in US history.

    But first, we republicans, libertarians, independents, and patriotic democrats, must band together at his side, even if we have been filled with fear and trepidation about his upcoming inauguration. If we do not close ranks behind Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton will finish what Barack Obama has started and destroy the America we all know and love, one Nation under God. National conservative pundits and republican leaders who turn their back on Trump now, are going to be long-remembered for the wrong reasons. You so called leaders created Donald Trump, and you better embrace him now because he represents the will of many angry citizens and are not going away.

    Why? We are all Americans with a little bit of Trump in each of us.

    Don Bendell, is a best-selling author whose style has been likened to Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey, a 100% disabled Green Beret Vietnam veteran, and a 1995 inductee into the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame. Don and his wife Shelley own the Strongheart Ranch in southern Colorado, named for his number one best-selling western, its sequel Blood Feather (Berkley/Penguin-Random House, Aug, 2013), and the sequels The Indian Ring (Berkley/Penguin-Random House, January, 2016) and The Rider of Phantom Canyon (Berkley/Penguin-Random House, October, 2016), with over 3,000,000 copies of his 28 books in print. He has a Masters Degree in Business Leadership from Grand Canyon University and has 6 grown children and 11 grand-children, and was a widower losing a longtime wife to cancer before meeting and marrying his beautiful business-woman wife Shelley in July, 2015.

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