• Congressional District 6 Delegates & Alternates:


    John Carson – Ted Cruz
    Randy Corporon – Ted Cruz
    Regina Thomson – Ted Cruz


    Joy Hoffman – Unpledged
    Andy Jones – Ted Cruz
    Brian Arnold – Unpledged

    Congressional District 1 Delegates & Alternates:


    Rep. Justin Everett – Ted Cruz
    Tony Sanchez – Ted Cruz
    Scott Gessler – Ted Cruz


    Carolyn Olson – Unpledged
    Bill Eigles – Ted Cruz
    Ray Garcia – Unpledged

    Congressional District 7 Delegates & Alternates:


    Anil Mathai – Unpledged
    George Athanasopoulos – Unpledged
    Libby Szabo – Ted Cruz


    Daniel Green – Ted Cruz
    Donald Ytterberg – Unpledged
    Carter Mateer – Ted Cruz

    Congressional District 5 Delegates & Alternates:


    Joel Crank – Ted Cruz
    Robin Gale Coran – Ted Cruz
    Donald Olmstead – Ted Cruz


    Kent Lambert – Ted Cruz
    Randy Licht – Ted Cruz
    Kay Rendleman – Ted Cruz

    Congressional District 2 Delegates & Alternates:


    Robert Woodward – Ted Cruz
    Michael McAlpine – Unpledged
    Marty Neilson – Unpledged


    John S. Bliss – Ted Cruz
    Rick Fernandez – Unpledged
    John Edward Toomey III – Ted Cruz

    Congressional District 4 Delegates & Alternates:


    Perry Buck – Ted Cruz
    Guy Short – Ted Cruz
    Kendal Unruh – Ted Cruz


    Reese Shay – Unpledged
    Kurt Schlegel – Donald Trump
    Richard McCaskill – Donald Trump

    Congressional District 3 Delegates & Alternates:


    Melanie Sturm – Ted Cruz
    Anita M. Stapleton – Ted Cruz
    Brita Horn – Ted Cruz


    Steven Hofman – Ted Cruz
    Bradley Barker – Ted Cruz
    Laureen Adele Gutierrez – Ted Cruz

    Statewide National Delegates:


    Ken Buck – Ted Cruz
    Patrick Neville – Ted Cruz
    Sue Sharkey – Ted Cruz
    Ted Harvey – Ted Cruz
    Kim Ransom – Ted Cruz
    Kevin Grantham – Ted Cruz
    George Teal – Ted Cruz
    Lori Saine – Ted Cruz
    Wayne W. Williams – Ted Cruz
    Dudley Brown – Ted Cruz
    Jim Gilbreath – Ted Cruz
    Kristi Brown Burton – Ted Cruz
    Stephen Humphrey – Ted Cruz

    If you have any questions, please contact Shana Banberger (shana@cologop.org)


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