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    January 23, 2016

    Greetings Fellow Colorado Republicans,

    Last week, I attended my first meeting of the Republican National Committee as your National Committeeman.  The meeting was held in Charleston, South Carolina, and the main committee meetings occurred over the course of January 13-15, 2016.

    The event consisted of a number of individual meetings of smaller committees (i.e., Rules, Arrangements, Resolutions, Budget, etc.) leading up to a general meeting of the RNC as a whole on the last day.  I tried to attend as many of the individual committee meetings as I could, but as some meetings were held concurrently, it wasn’t possible to attend them all.

    The meeting I most wanted to attend was the Rules Committee meeting.  Quite a bit of attention has been focused on rules which govern the convention and the presidential nomination process.  One particular rule, #40, relates to the requirements for placing a candidate in formal nomination at the convention.  In 2012, this rule was applied in a manner by which only votes for the nominated candidate (Mitt Romney) were counted.   A proposal was put forth at last week’s Rules Committee meeting whereby all delegate votes would be reported by the Convention Secretary, even if the vote was for a person who hasn’t been nominated under Rule 40.  I support this proposal as I believe all votes should be counted and recorded.  The proposal was approved by the Rules Committee, but will still need to navigate additional approvals by the full RNC, the Convention Rules Committee, and then the Convention Delegates vote before the proposal is enacted.

    In South Carolina, I also had the opportunity to meet in person with our regional RNC director, Alexis Darnell.  Alexis laid out some of the preliminary plans for the opening of offices around Colorado and a significant voter registration effort.  She reported that there have been major voter registration efforts in Colorado and we all need to make it a priority to focus on increasing Republican voter registration.  She also described the RNC’s expanded data efforts, which have grown from a program involving only five full-time staffers in 2012 to twenty-five in 2016.  Finally, she provided information on the RNC’s huge nationwide push to rollout its Republican Leadership Initiative, a six-week training program for Republican activists (which was first conducted in Colorado!).  One of the goals of RLI is to develop potential field organizers and staffers for this year’s campaign.  You can find out more on RLI at:


    The meeting agenda was highlighted by the Presidential Debate on Thursday night.  It was a vigorous discussion of many substantive issues facing our country, and I feel it showcased the strong candidates we have in our party and how important it will be for us to win back the White House in November.

    There will be a Spring meeting of the RNC, though the date and location have not been announced.  I will be in touch again before that time, but if you have any questions or comments for me, please send me a message anytime at gl@georgeleing.com.

    With thanks,

    George Leing

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