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    TOWNHALL July, 2010tThe 100 AMERICANS

    THE LEFT Hates MOSTAs we have watched the ongoing fi ght in

    America over the direction of the country,

    the actions of the Obama administration and

    Democratic Congress, and the efforts of the tea

    party movement, the

    has noticed a disturbing pattern: the American

    Left is trashing everyone who dares to stand

    against them.   

    The more effective the voices that oppose

    their agenda, the greater the venom the Left

    spews in their direction.

    It’s this out-of-control behavior from our

    fellow citizens who are sold out to the ultraliberal

    progressive Obama agenda to “radically

    transform” the United States that led us to

    create this list of “The 100 Americans the Left

    Hates Most.”


    massive list of those we believe have the largest

    bull’s-eyes painted on them by the Left and

    the Democrat-dominated government. From

    that list, through a process of voting, debating

    and prioritizing, we assembled the fi nal 100.

    There were only two absolute requirements:

    1) They had to be living, which is why Ronald

    Reagan and William F. Buckley Jr. are not

    featured; and 2) they had to be American,

    which explains Mark Steyn and the Pope’s

    absence from the list.

    If you think we’re way off base with some

    or all of our rankings or believe we missed

    somebody, please let us know. We want to

    know what you think, so submit your thoughts

    to Feedback@Townhall.com.


    Townhall editorial teamTownhall editorial staff compiled akicker

    !July 2010

    TOWNHALL 31Conservative Impact


    Glenn Beck has been doing his thing for years. He’s had a growing radio audience of

    millions as the third-most-listened-to host in America, and he has never shied way

    from expressing his love of country (it’s why he gained the reputation for crying on

    the air) and his disdain for liberal policies that run counter to everything our nation

    was founded on.

    It wasn’t until the last couple of years that the rabid hatred of Beck went

    mainstream. What happened?

    On Jan. 19, 2009, just in time to counter the progressive agenda of the Obama

    administration that would be sworn in the next day, Beck launched his Fox News

    Channel (FNC) show. Though he had been on CNN’s Headline News since May

    2006, doing a very similar show, it took joining the Fox News family for Beck to

    really gain the ire of the Lef

    also happened to share the ultimate liberal agenda, they felt they could

    at least co-exist with the conservative talker.

    But it wasn’t just Beck’s joining the Democrats’ most-hated network

    that has driven liberals to hysteria and resulted in some sort of mental

    condition that causes them to go into conniption fi ts at the mere

    mention of his name in even casual conversation. (Just try uttering

    the words “Glenn Beck” within earshot of your favorite—or least


    No, it’s more than Beck becoming one of Roger Ailes’ minions—

    much more. It’s also about more than the fact that he has a

    massive radio and TV audience of millions.

    Beck’s real sin is that he has successfully combined

    his concern for the direction of this country—a direction

    currently being dominated by progressives who hate what

    America has been—with a powerful defense of American

    exceptionalism and a passion for the Founding Fathers

    and the system of government and nation they created

    to produce a show that both educates and entertains.

    (Seriously, not just anybody can get Americans riled up

    about Woodrow Wilson and launch F.A. Hayek’s “Road

    to Serfdom” to the No. 1 spot on Amazon’s best-seller


    Americans—Democrats and Republicans, young

    and old, those who’ve been political for ages and

    those who are just beginning to get engaged—now

    truly sense the threat to the American way of life that

    the radical Lef

    it before—both because they had never seen such an

    extremely progressive, uber-liberal, revolution-loving

    president and because they had either forgotten or

    never learned the real history of the United States.

    Thanks to Beck, Americans are waking up to what

    our government is up to and are hungering for the real

    story of their nation—the one that the progressive

    movement, using the schools and universities, has

    tried to keep from them.

    We are falling in love with our country again.

    That is why the Lef

    !—as long has he was on a low-rated cable channel that!ist and see what happens.)!’s agenda poses. They hadn’t realized! hates him.(George Lange)


    TOWNHALL July 2010

    ! kCiocnkseerrvative Impact#2

    SARAH PALINLong af

    ended, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is

    continuing to make political waves.

    As a favorite of grassroots conservative

    tea partiers, Palin has used her star power

    to bring attention to various underdog

    candidates and issues facing voters this

    fall. As a conservative working woman and

    dedicated mom, Palin’s anti-feminist brand

    of feminism has redefi ned the scope of

    “women’s issues” and shed light on blatant

    liberal hypocrisy.

    Though try as they might to silence

    her—with attacks on everything from

    her outspoken criticism of the current

    administration to her bra size—Palin is

    a light that will not be snu

    to the chagrin of the liberal elites and


    independence, patriotic spirit and nononsense

    can-do attitude will only continue to

    propel her popularity.

    !er her 2008 run to be vice presidented out. Much!ist reformists, Palin’s down-to-earth#3

    RUSH LIMBAUGHWhen you’re the “leader of the opposition,”

    you’ve got a target on you at all times; you’ll be

    under attack day and night. And El Rushbo is

    cool with that—it means he’s doing his job.

    Limbaugh has been putting the lie to liberal

    arguments and policies for decades, earning

    a handsome sum along the way. And if there’s

    one thing liberals hate more than the truth

    about their agenda being exposed, it’s people

    who make money o

    Rush’s army of nearly 20 million listeners

    is the biggest in the country, and they

    are engaged. He impacts political races

    across the country, and his work helps

    keep the Republican Party in touch with its

    conservative base.

    Of course, the real root of the hatred

    for Rush is that, without him, there is no

    conservative talk radio as we know it today.

    His is the voice that launched a thousand

    stations, and now right-wing talk is the top

    target of liberals, who are always looking to

    shut down talk radio once and for all.

    exposing that agenda.#4


    underhanded smirk; his southern swagger is arrogant clout.

    Though they kept the country safe for years af

    strategies represented cowboy recklessness. Barack Obama’s inauguration was the Lef

    celebration of George W. Bush’s retirement. Now, more than a year and a half into the new

    president’s term, these same haters are the fi rst to bring Bush back into the public debate.

    Trouble in the Middle East? Blame Bush. Al Gore’s getting a divorce? Blame Bush.

    More than ever, the Lef

    Unfortunately for them, the Bush blame game is wearing on the public’s patience and could cost

    them in November.

    ! hates everything about former President George W. Bush. His crooked smile is an!er Sept. 11, his foreign and national security!’s! fi nds it fashionable to relegate responsibility and blame Bush.#5

    ANN COULTERPolitical correctness fi nally met its match with this conservative

    bombshell. No one, including her most liberal adversary, ever has to

    wonder, “What did Ann really mean?” Ann’s bluntness, coupled with

    her e

    the saddle of the Lef

    Her favorite place to do battle is on college campuses. Every time

    she’s booked for a college speech, you can bet there will be liberal

    crazies protesting her very presence and determined to keep her

    from speaking. Ann credits the bravery and chivalry of male College

    Republicans for warding o

    appearances possible.

    The Lef

    Last March, the provost of the University of Ottawa sent Ann a letter shortly before a scheduled

    event there, warning her not to bring her “hate speech” to campus. And in Parliament, a socialist

    Canadian MP denounced her. In the end, an angry mob and “skittish police” cancelled the speech,

    once again proving that liberals’ love of free speech extends only to those they don’t hate with the

    red-hot passion of a thousand suns.

    ectiveness and habit of being right, has made her a burr in!.the lef!-wing nuts and making her!’s hatred of Ann is not limited by international borders.#6

    MICHELLE MALKINShe has been the frequent subject of racist rants from lef

    America’s nastiest political activists, had her home address published by progressive crazies,

    moved from the D.C. area to get away from the threats and been spat on, screamed at and cursed

    by ever-so-tolerant liberals. We fi gure she must be doing something right.

    A best-selling author, popular columnist and blogger, and Fox News contributor, Michelle Malkin

    is making a killing doing what she does best: exposing the lunacy of America’s liberals and the

    corruption of lef

    Obama administration—and the Lef

    Self-sacrifi ce produces results—a concept the Lef

    making it very clear to the world what liberals are up to.

    !-wingers, been assaulted by some of!-wing and Democratic politicos. Needless to say, she’s having a fi eld day with the! can’t stop her.! doesn’t grasp—and Michelle’s results are#7

    THE TEA PARTY PATRIOT…Or as the snide liberal Lef

    The tea party movement has presented a signifi cant roadblock

    for the president’s progressive agenda. This boisterous bunch of

    impassioned patriots has helped the political climate quickly cool

    down af

    From a minute Facebook group to a mass movement of millions,

    the tea party movement is driven by American tradition and is

    focused on resurrecting the nation’s historical promise. They are everything the Le

    self-educated commonsense patriots who love God, guns and Old Glory.

    As this grassroots movement continues to grow, liberals know they don’t stand a chance—

    their agenda cannot stand up to the greatness of America’s founding and the citizens who will

    stand to defend it.

    ! calls these patriots, “tea baggers.”!er Obama’s fevered supporters vaulted him into o# ce.!f hates—selfmotivated,kicker

    !July 2010

    TOWNHALL 33Conservative Impact

    #8 DICK CHENEYUpon leaving his post as second in command at the White

    House, former Vice President Dick Cheney retreated to

    the peaceful serenity of scenic Jackson, Wyo. It wasn’t

    long, however, before the feckless policies of the new

    administration forced the long-time public servant to reinsert

    himself into Washington politics.

    Cheney has since been a vocal critic of the Obama

    administration’s national security policies and procedures

    for interrogating and prosecuting accused terrorists. In

    February, Cheney slammed the Obama administration,

    stating that protecting America was “a tough, mean,

    dirty, nasty business” in which “evil people” would not be

    stopped “by turning the other cheek.”

    The Lef

    Cheney and his unapologetic pro-America stance on national security.

    !, who have always seen Cheney as their Darth Vader, undoubtedly still despises#9

    BILL O’REILLYAppearing on Fox News is enough to make the Lef

    highest-rated cable news program on television is enough for the Lef

    The Lef

    conservative slant is legendary, spanning the last decade in which the no-spin “O’Reilly Factor”

    has commanded its No. 1 spot.

    In addition, O’Reilly’s streak as a best-selling author and former radio host only added fuel to

    the fi re. His most recent venture is likely to make liberals blow a gasket—the “Bold & Fresh” tour,

    co-hosted with his Fox News colleague and the Lef

    ! angry, but being a Fox News host with the! to hate you.!’s disdain for Bill O’Reilly, his staunch opinions and common sense with a!’s most-hated American, Glenn Beck.#10

    MICHELE BACHMANNAs Congress prepared to vote on President

    Obama’s overreaching health care overhaul,

    one congressional Republican stood up and

    encouraged Americans to rally in the nation’s

    capital to protest.

    Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann has

    not only been an ardent critic of the current

    administration’s big-government policies, but has

    also been an outspoken advocate for the tea party

    movement and the constitutional principles for

    which they fi ght.

    Bachmann stands as a strong conservative

    woman who, like Palin, challenges liberal women

    to think outside the liberal box. In an attempt to

    silence her outspoken candor, Democrats and their allies on the Lef

    Bachmann their No. 1 goal in this fall’s elections.

    ! are making ousting Michele#11


    the author during a book-signing stopover, a retired Michigan woman whispers, “He’s not

    anything like I would’ve thought … and he has the prettiest blue eyes.”

    It’s true: Karl Rove has never been characterized as a sof

    assessment of his true personality than the ruthless win-at-all-costs political operative persona

    the Lef

    Rove is considered to be the brainchild behind and “architect” of the ascendency of President

    George W. Bush and numerous successful Republican electoral strategies in recent years. As a

    result, Code Pink storms his book events to make “citizens’ arrests,” and he’s greeted on college

    campuses by hoards of young protestors.

    !er getting her copy of Karl Rove’s “Courage and Consequence” personally signed by!ie, but that may be a closer-to-reality! has assigned him.#12

    SEAN HANNITYHannity has been actively beating back the

    liberal agenda with not only a conservative

    message on his popular radio show and Fox

    News program but also by promoting the


    defeat the Democrats.

    Sean’s e

    to the GOP in its e

    government from the far-Lef

    home in today’s Democratic Party.

    Once paired with liberal Alan Colmes on

    Fox, Hannity has come into his own with his

    eponymous prime-time show. He trails only

    cable news heavyweight Bill O’Reilly in TV

    ratings and is hammering the competition from

    CNN and MSNBC.

    Sean’s take-no-prisoners approach

    enrages the Lef

    immediately follows Limbaugh on so many

    stations across the country, liberals are daily

    abused by the conservative talkers’ one-two

    punch. The beating that Hannity has been

    dishing out every day for years has lef

    orts of the Republican Party to take on andorts have been invaluably helpfulorts to wrest control of!, which has a!, and because his radio show! the Lef!battered, spiteful and mad.


    MATT DRUDGEConsidering that the Drudge Report fi rst

    gained major notoriety by breaking the story

    that Newsweek had spiked a report about a

    young intern and her sexual relationship with

    the president of the United States, it comes as

    no surprise that its namesake owner would be

    among the Lef

    Drudge’s site, one of the most popular

    in the world, is a must-read for everyone in


    of liberal hypocrisy, growing government,

    climate change scams, worldwide anti-

    Americanism and global governance is a major

    inconvenience for the Lef

    president complain that there is “too much

    information” available to the American public,

    think of the Drudge Report.

    Drudge’s power to impact the national

    discourse from the Right and ability to expose

    the Lef

    by linking to the reporting done by others—

    sends liberals into the stratosphere with rage.

    !’s most-hated.! and Right. His constant exposure!. When you hear the!’s wing-nuttery—most of which is done(AP/Pat Sullivan, AP/Evan Agostini, AP/Joseph Kaczmarek, AP/C!

    li Owen, AP/Jose Luis Magana, AP/ Michael Caulfi eld )


    TOWNHALL July 2010!

    Conservative Impact#14

    NEWT GINGRICHAs the leader of the 1994 Republican

    Revolution, former Speaker of the House Newt

    Gingrich has been a sore subject of disdain for

    liberals for years.

    Though Republican majorities in Congress

    have come and gone, Gingrich has remained

    a key player in Beltway politics and policy

    debates. These days, Gingrich makes his

    rounds on the media circuits, dropping crumbs

    of discredited liberal rhetoric as he goes.

    Further, his policy think tanks—American

    Solutions and the Center for Health

    Transformation—are churning out

    conservative alternatives to the Lef

    plans. And his walking tours of Washington,

    D.C., reveal the truth about the religious

    heritage of America. He may no longer be a

    federal o

    pivotal role in leading the Republican charge.

    !’s radicalceholder, but Gingrich still plays a#16

    MARK LEVINDubbed “The Great One” by Sean Hannity, Levin is the

    conservative radio pit-bull that won’t let go of liberals who

    dare to tread on his country’s values and history.

    He hosts one of the top talk shows in all of America,

    heads the Landmark Legal Foundation and has written

    best-selling books—most recently, “Liberty and Tyranny:

    A Conservative Manifesto,” which was published in the

    early months of the Obama presidency and sat in the

    No. 1 spot on the New York Times bestseller list for 12

    weeks. Americans saw the danger the progressive Obama

    administration posed to the nation and were looking for

    information on not just how to counter it but also how to

    gain a fi rmer grasp on the true meanings of “liberty” and “freedom.”

    Levin has a powerful voice that intimidates weak-kneed liberals, and they have taken it upon

    themselves to trash him and his cause.


    ANDREW BREITBARTHe is the man behind the conservative voice

    in Hollywood. He has given courage to those

    saints stuck in liberal bastions to fi nd their

    voices and begin to express their political and

    social beliefs.

    Andrew Breitbart is the master of New

    Media. He spends his days and nights doing

    everything he can to keep Tinsel Town,

    government and the media accountable. It was

    Breitbart who ran the videos showing ACORN

    to be the fraudulent, Democrat-controlled,

    criminal enterprise we all knew it was. And

    he’s been on top of exposing the media and

    dirt bags in government for who they are.

    Breitbart’s online empire—BreitbartTV,

    Big Hollywood, Big Government and Big

    Journalism—is leveling the playing fi eld for

    the Right. He once told Townhall, “All I want is

    a fair game. I’m positive our ideas beat their

    ideas when the game isn’t rigged. … I want

    those of us on the Right to tell people what we

    believe—not to have those on the Lef

    us” (see “He Is the Breitbart E

    Rice, June 2009).

    Fairness is something the Lef


    ! do it for# ect,” by Ned! cannot#18

    ROGER AILESIt’s all his fault! Want to know who is responsible for bringing Glenn Beck to America’s living

    rooms? Curious who’s to blame for Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity’s “hate speech” being blasted

    from coast to coast? Looking for someone to blame for the insidious “Faux News Channel”?

    Roger Ailes, chairman and CEO of Fox News, is likely the most-hated man in the television

    business. Under Ailes’ leadership, Fox News’ audience and revenues have continued to climb as

    the cable channel provides a news source for conservatives sick of the liberal media and hungry

    for “fair and balanced” news coverage and conservative opinion shows. Of course, liberals are

    unfamiliar with the law of supply and demand, so they are totally fl ummoxed by FNC’s success.

    It wasn’t supposed to be this way af

    a new era of bipartisanship, making FNC unnecessary. Instead, partisanship has grown more

    intense than ever, helping Fox to a record year in 2009. And it’s driving the wing-nuts crazy.

    !er the inauguration of The One. Obama was to usher in#17

    LAURA INGRAHAMAnother conservative talker—have you noticed how much the Lef

    tops the list of liberal targets for elimination. Though Laura knows politics forward and backward

    and can debate the goings-on of Capitol Hill with anyone, she has been a leader in taking the

    fi ght to the Lef

    Her popular show and best-selling books confront the post-modern, hyper-sexual, atheistic

    age that discounts family, American values, citizenship and virtuous living. Laura’s message is a

    constant “call to arms” for Americans to reclaim their culture and their country from a movement

    that does not have their best interests at heart.

    Ingraham’s fearlessness in the face of hateful adversaries only makes her stonger—and them

    more insane with hatred.

    ! hates conservative speech?—! over our culture.#19

    CLARENCE THOMASSince assuming his position as a Supreme Court associate

    justice, Clarence Thomas has been a stalwart conservative voice

    on the Supreme Court, providing vital balance to the court’s


    Appointed by President George H.W. Bush in 1991, Thomas is

    a rare “textualist” judge who seeks to uphold what he sees as

    the original meaning of the Constitution—much to the chagrin of

    progressive liberals who like to take the “living document” out for

    a spin now and then.

    As the Court’s second African-American justice, Thomas has

    also shrugged o

    autobiography, “My Grandfather’s Son: A Memoir,” he describes being “pursued not by bigots in

    white robes but by lef

    # the Lef!’s onslaught of personal attacks. In his!-wing zealots draped in fl owing sanctimony.”kicker

    !July 2010

    TOWNHALL 35Conservative Impact

    #20 RUPERT MURDOCHThe chairman and CEO of News Corp, Murdoch is almost as hated as the man who runs News

    Corp’s Fox News Channel. Though he’s not as politically involved with the GOP as Ailes, he has

    dared to make a fortune giving conservatives what they want: media that does not lie to them.

    Murdoch’s News Corp owns (for the Lef

    entertainment outlets, the most o

    and the Wall Street Journal.

    The Lef

    exponentially when Murdoch’s name enters the conversation. If lef

    get away with having the government seize News Corp, throw Murdoch in prison and turn the

    Fox News studios into some sort of liberal commune for unemployed newspaper journalists, they

    would have done it yesterday.

    ! that means controls!) hundreds of news andensive of which, in the eyes of the nation’s liberals, are FNC!’s insanity when it comes to any media that doesn’t toe the liberal line grows!-wingers thought they could#21

    JAMES O’KEEFE & HANNAH GILESThey are the Dynamic Duo that brought down ACORN. These two young, enterprising and brave

    undercover journalists worked as a fl uid single entity last spring and summer when they posed

    as a pimp and prostitute seeking to get loans from the far-Lef

    business-startup arm. Using hidden video cameras and microphones, Giles acted the part of a

    young hooker looking get a home loan but still hide her illegal profession from the authorities, and

    O’Keefe played the role of pimp and aspiring politician.

    Not only did they seek and receive advice on how to keep the prostitution business under

    wraps, but they also got advice on how to get taxpayer-funded assistance in establishing an illegal

    prostitution ring to exploit imported, underage illegal immigrants.

    Then came the media fi restorm—not against ACORN but against O’Keefe and Giles. They

    dared to mess with a “social justice” organization with close ties to Barack Obama and his

    progressive thugs.

    In the end, O’Keefe and Giles had the last laugh as federal investigators are probing serious

    criminal charges against ACORN and Congress has pulled the organization’s funding.

    ! activist network’s housing and#22

    ANTONIN SCALIAAnyone with a strict constructionist view

    and willingness to mix it up from a powerful

    seat on the bench of the U.S. Supreme Court

    cannot be tolerated by the Lef

    Justice Scalia would be one of those


    He holds fast to the doctrine of

    “originalism” and has no use for those who

    believe in a “living” Constitution. In fact, he

    sees them as a threat to the United States

    and its laws. Scalia laid out the dangers

    of the non-originalist view in a speech at

    Catholic University: “These people who go

    around talking about the need for growing and

    bending [the Constitution]—that’s nonsense.

    What these people want is to impose a view

    of things on the whole society from coast

    to coast, and it is most quickly and most


    Scalia’s faithfulness to the Constitution is

    helping to protect the nation from a thorough

    takeover by the progressives. He and a few

    like him stand in the way of their domination

    through constitutional reinterpretation. That

    really ticks o

    !.ectively done through the Constitution.”the would-be tyrants.#23

    MITT ROMNEYFormer Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney

    represents a signifi cant threat to the Lef

    As a Republican who managed to secure the

    governorship in Massachusetts, liberals are wary

    of his potential in running for federal o

    addition to his past political success, Romney is

    also an accomplished businessman and leader,

    following in the footsteps of his father, himself a

    former governor of Michigan.

    To add lef

    looks and a huge fortune to boot. Since losing

    the party’s nomination in 2008 to John McCain,

    Romney has barely stopped campaigning and

    continues to be a de facto voice of the Republican

    Party’s national leadership.

    He has made himself a major player in the 2010

    midterm elections, and success this year could

    catapult him to the front of the line among 2012

    GOP presidential hopefuls.

    ! today.# ce. In!ist insult to injury, Romney has good#24

    MARCO RUBIOA young lawyer from the Florida House of

    Representatives is turning the state’s U.S.

    Senate race to the Right and giving Gov.

    Charlie Crist a serious run for his money.

    When it looked like Marco Rubio had the

    Republican primary nomination all locked up,

    Crist jumped ship to run as an independent


    Not only is Rubio the tea party favorite

    conservative candidate in the race, but

    his candidacy is forcing Crist to look for

    votes from the Lef

    candidate with zero chance of pulling o

    Florida victory.

    This rising star Republican will be one to

    closely watch this November as he takes on

    the political establishment—both in Florida

    and in Washington.

    !, leaving the Democrats’a#25

    JIM DEMINTDespite facing a fi libuster-proof Democratic

    majority at the start of 2009, Sen. Jim

    DeMint, R-S.C., continued to stand fi rm

    as one of the most staunchly conservative

    Republican members of the U.S. Senate.

    DeMint has worked to oppose increases in

    federal government spending under the Bush

    and Obama administrations and remains one of

    the Senate’s most relentless defenders of fi scal

    responsibility. He is also a pro-life senator

    who supports school prayer and the strict

    enforcement of America’s immigration laws.

    And in electing accused felon and political

    neophyte Alvin Greene to run against him this

    fall, South Carolina Democrats have ensured

    at least six more years of hate from the Lef

    !. (AP/Haraz N. Ghanbari, KKOB, AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta, AP/Susan Walsh, AP/Alan Diaz, AP/Harry Hamburg)36

    TOWNHALL July 2010!

    Conservative Impact#26


    MICHAELThe host of radio’s “Savage

    Nation,” Michael Savage

    makes it a habit to o

    the sensibilities of bleeding-heart liberals

    daily. He eviscerates lef

    sending “red-diaper-doper babies” cowering

    back to their mothers’ basements, and has

    diagnosed liberalism as a “mental disorder.”

    His strong defense of borders and

    opposition to illegal immigration landed him

    on a U.K. blacklist in 2009, banning him from

    visiting Britain. Like the American Lef

    progressives deemed his speech as “too


    ! endist arguments,, British#29

    JOHN ROBERTSIf you watched the confi rmation hearings

    for his nomination to be chief justice of

    the Supreme Court, you know why the


    constructionist, schooled every single one of

    the Judiciary Committee’s far-Lef

    on constitutional jurisprudence.

    Having someone of his intellect, worldview

    and legal understanding as chief justice does

    wonders to protect the Constitution from

    those who would amend it by judicial fi at.

    hates him. Without notes, Roberts, asenators#32

    GROVER NORQUISTNot only is Grover the leader of the movement

    to protect Americans from higher taxes with

    his famous “Tax Pledge,” he is the ultimate

    Washington, D.C., insider. He can contact

    any Republican senator, congressman,

    consultant, sta

    of a hat.

    His Wednesday o

    have been a D.C. staple for years and are

    where conservative journalists, rightwing

    activists and new-to-the-scene GOP

    politicians need to be.

    ! er or lobbyist at the drop! -the-record meetings#35

    LIZ CHENEYThe second Cheney on the list, Liz Cheney

    isn’t known for her time working in public


    become a target of the Lef

    battle from behind the scenes on the Right

    and dedicating herself to fi ghting the Lef

    attempts to undermine national security. In

    2009, Cheney teamed up with Bill Kristol

    and Deborah Burlingame to found Keeping

    America Safe—a group dedicated to providing

    information to concerned Americans about

    critical national security issues.

    # ce like her father but has recentlyfor waging a’s#27


    CHRISHe’s been in o

    since January, but already

    the dynamic new governor

    of New Jersey has earned the nickname, “the

    Trenton Thunder.”

    Gov. Christie’s fi scal restraint and smallgovernment

    philosophy have captured the

    attention of conservatives from across the

    country—and the resentment of New Jersey

    liberals. As Christie continues to confront

    corrupt unions and slash the state’s budget,

    he will remain a force to be reckoned with and

    a rising Republican star.

    # ce only#30

    DONALD RUMSFELDHe resigned his post as secretary of Defense

    in 2006, but Donald Rumsfeld still draws

    intense criticism from the Lef

    Though many—including former President

    George W. Bush—have been thankful

    Rumsfeld took the fi ght to America’s enemies

    rather than welcome it to our shores, liberals

    will continue to blame him for a whole slew of

    issues, most notably the ongoing wars in Iraq

    and Afghanistan.


    PAT BUCHANANStuck on the low-rated and annoyingly liberal

    MSNBC, Pat Buchanan still represents oldschool


    Libs will likely never forgive him for daring

    to speak those values aloud at the 1992

    Republican National Convention: “We stand

    with [President Bush] for freedom to choose

    religious schools … against the amoral idea

    that gay and lesbian couples should have the

    same standing in law as married men and

    women … for right-to-life and for voluntary

    prayer in the public schools. … There is a

    religious war going on in our country for the

    soul of America. It is a cultural war, as critical

    to the kind of nation we will one day be as

    was the Cold War itself.”


    JOHN BOEHNERAs the House minority leader, John Boehner

    has emerged as the (well-tanned) face of the

    GOP and, as a result, has become a target

    for attacks from the Lef

    supporters chanted, “Yes, we can!” in their

    demonstrations in favor of ObamaCare,

    Boehner took to the fl oor of the House of

    Representatives to literally tell them, “Hell no,

    you can’t!” Most recently, Boehner has led the

    GOP’s charge to rein in government spending.

    . When Obama’s#28

    BILL KRISTOLAs the editor of the Weekly Standard and a

    regular on Fox News, Bill Kristol has become

    one of the nation’s most infl uential political

    analysts and commentators.

    During the tea party debates over President

    Obama’s health care overhaul, Kristol urged

    conservatives to “throw the kitchen sink at

    the legislation now on the table, drive a stake

    through its heart (I apologize for the mixed

    metaphors), and kill it.”


    SCOTT BROWNPolitical underdog Scott Brown certainly had

    an uphill battle facing him as a Republican

    running to replace the late “liberal lion” Sen.

    Ted Kennedy. This did not stop the eager

    candidate from taking on the Massachusetts

    Democratic establishment.

    While the Lef

    with Republicans on a number of issues,

    it’s a good bet they’ll never forgive him for

    tarnishing the state’s liberal Senate record.

    may excuse Brown for voting#34


    JANIt took only one governor

    in one state to bring

    immigration policy to the

    front of Americans’ minds.

    Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer boldly declared

    that her state would no longer sit idly by as

    the federal government neglected its duty to

    secure the nation’s borders. Instead, under

    her leadership, Arizonans took matters into

    their own hands and passed meaningful

    legislation. Unfortunately, standing up for the

    rule of law has made her a primary target of


    ist hate.#37


    THOMASHe’s one of the smartest

    men in America,

    conservative and—gasp!—

    black. Sowell’s columns are regularly among

    the most popular for Townhall.com readers

    and his books have provided important

    economic and political lessons for countless

    young conservatives.

    This “Uncle Tom” has been a bit uppity as

    far as the Lef

    might, they’ve never been able to shut him


    is concerned, but try as they(AP/John Storey, AP/Mel Evans, AP/Ross D. Franklin, Tk)


    TOWNHALL July 2010!

    Conservative Impact#41

    DICK ARMEYAn author of the 1994 Contract with America

    and former House majority leader, Dick

    Armey has taken charge as chairman of

    FreedomWorks, a grassroots organization

    focused on educating and mobilizing

    conservative activists from across the country.

    Armey’s organization has worked to unite

    the tea parties under one big conservative

    umbrella and put together the nation’s largest

    gathering of conservatives in Washington,

    D.C., on Sept. 12, 2009.


    MIKE PENCEIndiana Congressman Mike Pence is not

    one to mince words. His confrontational

    style consistently draws ire from liberals. As

    a reliable conservative voice in Congress,

    the Republican Conference Committee

    chairman most recently slammed President

    Obama’s mismanagement of the Gulf oil

    spill: “I think the fact that he never spoke

    to the CEO of British Petroleum for the fi rst

    50 days of this incident is emblematic of

    the kind of detached style of leadership that

    we’re seeing here.”



    during the 2008 election, it was an uphill

    battle for GOPers to reclaim the traditionally

    red state. The e

    campaign of Bob McDonnell beat the odds

    and rode the wave of political discontent to

    victory by a huge margin. His gubernatorial

    victory in Virginia marked the beginning of a

    conservative political resurgence.

    !er Virginia voted for President Obamacient and e# ective#39

    PAUL RYANWisconsin Republican

    Paul Ryan was a relatively

    unknown member of

    Congress prior the debate

    over Obama’s health care overhaul. But as the

    debate heated up and Ryan debased liberal

    rhetoric with statistical facts, his star was on

    the rise.

    Ryan introduced his “Roadmap for

    America’s Future,” a plan to solve America’s

    growing debt and entitlement addiction. Sorry

    liberals, it’s time to start cutting.


    MICHAEL STEELEThough he hasn’t been conservatives’ favorite

    Republican chairman, Steele has been a thorn

    in the side of the Lef

    should be beholden to the liberal-infused

    Democratic Party.

    Doesn’t Michael Steele know his place? How

    dare he escape the chains of liberalism and fl ee

    the Democrat plantation. His skin color mixed

    with his party a

    reason for lef

    !, which believes all blacksliation is more than enough!-wingers to wish him ill.#45

    JIM INHOFEHe’s one of the most conservative senators

    to have ever graced the U.S. Senate chamber.

    Where he’s been most e

    therefore, most despised by the shrill

    Democrats—is in his e

    open the massive hoax that is global warming.

    He has stood up to far-Lef

    Boxer, D-Calif., and climate change snake-oil

    salesman Al Gore. Daring to cross swords

    with these liberal icons and intellectual

    lightweights has put his reputation among



    # ective—and,# orts to blow wide! Sen. Barbara!ies in jeopardy—and he couldn’t be#48


    CHARLESPulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist

    Charles Krauthammer o

    conservative opinion in weekly Washington

    Post columns and regular television

    appearances. His fortes include foreign

    policy and domestic politics. As a former

    medical professional, Krauthammer was a

    vocal opponent of the Obama administration’s

    attempts to overhaul the health care industry.

    # ers up his expert#40


    JOHNWhen President George

    W. Bush nominated

    John Bolton to be U.S.

    Ambassador to the United Nations, all hell

    broke loose.

    Bolton, a longtime advocate of a Reaganstyle

    foreign policy that doesn’t pussyfoot

    around with Islamist dictators, communist

    thugs or tyrannical foreign entities, was

    blocked from the post by a unifi ed Democratic

    front, plus a couple of rogue Republicans.

    Hindsight being what it is, America would

    have been better served had the Lef

    not to align itself with our enemies and opposed

    Bolton’s presence at the United Nations.

    ! chosen#43

    SAMUEL ALITOThose darned Supreme Court

    constructionists! The Lef

    Constitution-loving, Founders-respecting

    jurists are going to be the death of their

    pro-abortion, anti-gun, big-government,

    high-tax agenda.

    Democrats’ visceral attacks brought

    Alito’s wife to tears during his Senate

    Judiciary Committee confi rmation

    hearings—that’s what she gets for marrying

    someone who dared to believe the authors

    of our Constitution might have gotten it

    right when they wrote it more than 200

    years ago.

    ! fears those#46


    DAVIDThis radical-lef


    has made it his mission

    to combat the socialist, pro-communist, anti-

    American Lef

    Horowitz’s attention has been on the

    radicalization of U.S. colleges and universities.

    He has documented case af

    indoctrination, bias and abuse on campus, as

    well as the growing impact of radical Islam in

    our education system and culture.

    !ist-turnedpro-!’s attempts to transform America.!er case of liberal#49


    EDEd Morrissey, the blogger

    formerly known as Captain

    Ed, is today’s face of HotAir.

    com. He ranks as one of the top bloggers in

    America and hosts a daily online radio show

    and a weekend talk show in Minneapolis.

    Hand-picked by Hot Air founder Michelle

    Malkin, Ed spends most of his time pointing

    out the folly of the Lef

    Obama administration and the lunacy of those

    who would destroy our culture.

    !, the audacity of the#50

    ERIC CANTORIn addition to serving as Virginia’s 7th

    Congressional District representative, Eric

    Cantor currently serves as Republican whip.

    His fi scal discipline and pro-free trade stances

    have earned him criticism from powerful

    unions such as the AFL-CIO.


    JAMES DOBSONHis priorities have long been God, family

    and the preservation of traditional

    American culture, which means the Lef

    !can’t stand him.

    Dobson founded the powerful

    conservative, Christian non-profi t

    organization Focus on the Family in 1977.

    Since that time, he has been ridiculed,

    castigated and demonized by American

    liberals for holding to biblical principles

    without compromise.

    (AP/Harry Hamburg, AP/Jose Luis Magana, AP/Lawrence Jackson, Tk)


    TOWNHALL July 2010!

    Conservative Impact#51 MIKE HUCKABEE

    Former governor of Arkansas and

    GOP presidential contender; host

    of “Huckabee” on the Fox News


    #52 TOM COBURN

    Hardcore conservative U.S. senator

    from Oklahoma

    #53 RON PAUL

    Conservative libertarian

    congressman from Texas; former

    GOP presidential contender


    President of the Family Research

    Council, a conservative Christian

    think tank in Washington, D.C.


    Pundit, author and political

    consultant; former advisor to

    President Bill Clinton


    Former secretary of State and

    National Security Adviser to

    President George W. Bush


    Nationally syndicated radio host

    of “The Hugh Hewitt Show” and

    outspoken socially conservative author


    Political consultant, Fox News

    contributor, pollster and “word octor”


    Four-star Army general and head of

    U.S. Central Command


    U.S. Senate Republican leader from



    Libertarian television host on the

    Fox Business Network and nationally

    syndicated columnist


    National Review Online editor at large;

    author of “Liberal Fascism”


    Christian evangelist and missionary;

    son of the Rev. Billy Graham

    #64 RAND PAUL

    Self-described “constitutional

    conservative” Kentucky Republican

    nominee for the U.S. Senate


    Anonymous blogging partner of Ed

    Morrissey on HotAir.com


    Hollywood celebrity, conservative

    columnist and all-around “tough guy”



    Conservative Republican governor of



    Executive Vice President and CEO of

    the National Rifl e Association (NRA)

    #69 RICK PERRY

    Popular Republican governor of Texas


    Republican governor of Mississippi

    and rumored possible 2012 candidate

    for president

    #71 JON VOIGHT

    Academy Award-winning Hollywood

    actor and outspoken conservative

    #72 TED NUGENT

    Hard-rocking, outspoken “Motor City

    Madman” and defender of all things

    conservative, especially guns and

    small government


    Host of nationally syndicated radio

    show “The Michael Medved Show”;

    conservative commentator and fi lm


    #74 TIM TEBOW

    Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback

    recently draf

    Broncos; pro-life advocate

    !ed by the NFL’s Denver#75 DON IMUS

    Nationally syndicated radio host

    and continuing target of the racebaiting



    Former mayor of New York and

    Republican candidate for president















    !July 2010

    TOWNHALL 41Conservative Impact

    #77 PHYLLIS SCHLAFLYSyndicated columnist, author and

    founder and president of Eagle



    Conservative radio host, political

    theorist and former Reagan cabinet


    ! cial#79 MARC THIESSEN

    Former President George W.

    Bush speechwriter and author

    of “Courting Disaster: How the

    CIA Kept America Safe and How

    Barack Obama Is Inviting the Next



    Co-founder and editor in chief of the

    Daily Caller


    Conservative U.S. senator from

    Alabama; ranking Republican member

    of the Senate Judiciary Committee


    Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist,

    author and journalist


    Founder and president of Media

    Research Center


    Conservative syndicated talk-radio

    host, columnist and author


    Columnist and senior fellow for

    Family Empowerment at the Family

    Research Council


    Conservative governor of Minnesota

    and possible 2012 GOP presidential



    Author and Wall Street Journal

    columnist; former special

    assistant to President Ronald


    #88 JEB BUSH

    Conservative and popular former

    governor of Florida


    Right-wing entrepreneur,

    businessman and philanthropist;

    founder of the Foundation for a

    Better Life


    Nationally syndicated talk-radio

    host and conservative political

    commentator for Fox News


    Economics professor at George

    Mason University; libertarian

    columnist and author; fi ll-in host for

    Rush Limbaugh


    Editor in chief of Forbes magazine

    and CEO of Forbes Inc.


    Author, journalist and media

    watchdog for Fox News

    #94 ED FEULNER

    President of The Heritage Foundation,

    a conservative think tank in



    Editor of Human Events; author of

    “Obama Zombies”


    Conservative blogger and founder

    of RedState.com; CNN political



    Climatologist and leading global

    warming “denier”; considered

    by Rush Limbaugh to be the



    ! cial climatologist of the EIB#98 S.E. CUPP

    Author, political commentator

    and contributing editor to

    Townhall magazine

    #99 JOHN FUND

    Author, political journalist and

    conservative columnist for the Wall

    Street Journal


    MICHAEL BARONEPolitical analyst, pundit and

    journalist; Fox News contributor














    (Salem Communications, AP/Evan Vucci, AP/Gerald Herbert, AP/Charlie Riedel, AP/Evan Agostini, Salem Communications, AP/David Zalubowski, Salem Communications, AP/LM Otero, Salem Communications, AP/Jay LaPrete, Salem Communications)

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